Commemoration of Camp Freedom – The Writing is on The Wall, A Genocide in the Making

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The protest at Parliament starting February 6, 2022 and lasting just over three weeks was a defining moment in New Zealand’s history and as we look back in commemoration of camp freedom it is clearer now a year down the track, that indeed atrocities have been committed against the people – so sorry to deliver the bad news but the writing is on the wall, there is a genocide in the making.

Thousands gathered in unity and good spirit to deliver their messages to Ardern & Co that the restrictive and divisive covid response policies and the unkind ‘no jab no job’ mandates were against human rights and freedom. Other issues which contributed to the polarisation of the nation under Labour and fueled a lack of trust in their leadership included the government bought and paid for media with their trail of lies and disinformation and the military like operation to brainwash the public into believing that the novel and experimental vaccination was the only way to get out alive from the deadly pandemic.

In commemoration of Camp Freedom, Dr Emanuel Garcia penned a poignant perspective of being present and at the very heart of the protest and as you would rightly guess his viewpoint is in stark contrast to that which the Lamestream Media had you believe.

Read here: Commemoration of Camp Freedom – The Writing is on The Wall, A Genocide in The Making

A year down the track, Dr Matt Shelton celebrates the return of the ‘river of truth and freedom’ with those who gathered on Parliament grounds in commemoration of the protest. It was not only an occasion to remember the broken promises, malfeasance, divisiveness and inhumanity shown towards the protesters, the unvaccinated, indeed all individuals who chose to speak out against the government’s tyranny; rather, it was the unity of purpose and the potential of humanity that outshone the tyrannical tactics which will be heartily remembered.

New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) stand by the people of our nation who believe in freedom, harmony and unity and continues to speak out for our sovereign and fundamental human rights.

Watch here: Dr Matt Shelton in Commemoration of Camp Freedom & Holding the Line at Parliament. February 10th, 2023

As camp freedom fell under the brutal baton of police force, the uncrushable proactive spirit of Kiwis and their power and passion shown at the protest is alive and growing across New Zealand as testimony to the indomitable strength which resides within us all, to rise above adversity and tyranny.

The commemorative poem ‘Camp Freedom’ creatively and succinctly captures the essence of the protest and offers hope that true community based on kindness, acceptance, tolerance and respect of our unique differences still exists and will be part of our future as long as we continue to stand up against the tightening authoritarian controls on our lives.

Watch and Listen here: Camp Freedom A Poem

Thanks to Coronavirus Plushie for his work and videos.

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