Guilt By Association: Sunday Star Times Plan Hit Piece for 3 September 2023

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In attempting to smear New Zealand First (NZF) by association in its imminent hit piece, the Sunday Star Times is all excited to report that an NZDSOS member had a meeting with New Zealand First leader Winston Peters.

Dr Matt Shelton spoke to Mr Peters in his private capacity to discuss the extent of jab harms and bolster NZF’s call for an independent inquiry.

Planned for release on September 3rd, journalist Andrea Vance’s Sunday Star Times article likely will say Mr Peters has drunk the conspiracy kool aid proffered by NZDSOS via Dr Shelton, and they hope to diminish the standing of Peters’ party – which seems to be gaining support by asking hard questions and stating bottom-line policies that start to undo the harms of the last 3 years.

However, the private meeting encompassed a wide-ranging discussion on health matters, but was especially to advocate for those who have have suffered  significant or even fatal injuries who have not been acknowledged, let alone helped.

Vance  will likely say Dr Shelton has been “debunked”, but we have not seen them or any MSM outlet investigating anything, only reporting the political censorship and punishment of concerned doctors who are speaking out.

NZDSOS notes Dr Shelton’s suspension by the MCNZ was overturned in court, that the HDC declined to pursue a complaint to the Health Professional’s Disciplinary Tribunal, and that the MCNZ’s Professional Conduct Committee investigation hasn’t even been heard yet. The Sunday Star Times cannot back  up its claim that Dr Shelton’s views have been debunked.

The ‘press’ has sold out it’s responsibility as the fourth estate, to speak truth to power, and is reduced to a yapping lap dog. It is clearly running scared and will try to fire all barrels as the election gets nearer, but fewer and fewer people are bothering with mainstream news outlets. It is not hard to see why they are haemorrhaging consumers, when they have so readily abandoned any pretense of fairness or independence. 

By covering up jab harms and the science that explains them, the press is keeping this health disaster going. NZDSOS is willing to assist any politicians who are committed to uncovering the truth and putting things right for many thousands of injured and bereaved New Zealanders.

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