A Seminar on the Perils of Big Pharma Featuring Naomi Wolf, Robert F Kennedy Jr and Others

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Dr Naomi Wolf and Robert F Kennedy Jr were the big names at a recent seminar of six lectures on Big Pharma at the Hillsdale College Freedom Library. This is an online collection of the many educational seminars hosted by Hillsdale College in the USA each academic year. Founded by Freewill Baptists in Michigan in 1844, Hillsdale is a non-denominational college and the first American university to prohibit discrimination on grounds of race, religion or sex in its charter.

The college’s history is a rich tapestry of fiercely defending freedom. They were an early force for the abolition of slavery which ended in the 1860s. Being funded solely by private donors “who share our principles of integrity and self government” frees Hillsdale from rules and regulations associated with state and federal funding. As Naomi Wolf highlighted in her lecture, they are one of the only prestigious colleges in America who did not enforce COVID-19 mandates upon students or faculty staff.

In 2021 the Academy of Science and Freedom was established at Hillsdale’s Washington DC campus by three independent public health leaders in response to the aggressive censorship they and others (including NZDSOS) continue to endure. Many of our readers will be familiar with Dr Scott Atlas, Dr Martin Kulldorff and Dr Jay Bhattacharya who have been vanguards in the fight to protect medicine, public health and democracy against the pharmaco-military industrial complex coup d’état.

Hillsdale College Academy of Science and Freedom
Mission Statement

To educate the American people about the free exchange of scientific ideas and the proper relationship between freedom and science in the pursuit of truth.

The Centre for Constructive Alternatives (CCA) is one of the largest lecture series in America, hosted by Hillsdale College four times a year. Enrolled students are required to complete one CCA seminar during their undergraduate years, but lectures are also open to the public.

The fourth and final CCA of the academic year – CCA IV: Big Pharma was held from 5 to 8 March 2023. Six one hour lectures are available, briefly summarised here to pique your interest. Click on the link to access the lectures.

Anthony Fauci and the Public Health Establishment: Robert F Kennedy Jr

A combination of family heritage, legal training, 40 years as an environmental lawyer and 18 years representing victims of vaccine injury, give Kennedy Jr unique insights which he threads together articulately as a fascinating record linking history to present day events.

Big Pharma and Big Government: Jordan Schachtel

Schachtel describes the big pharma-big government nexus, the profits being made by companies who had never previously brought a product to market, and the power brokers guaranteeing sufficient propaganda and control to ensure uptake regardless of demand.

What’s in the Pfizer Documents?: Dr Naomi Wolf

After describing industrial level harms occurring to specific populations, detailed in Pfizer’s own trial documents and analysed by teams of credentialed professional volunteers, Dr Wolf is impassioned in her evidence that, and why, western society is being deliberately crippled.

Health Care American Style: Dr John Abramson

A disastrous rise of misplaced power has impacted health systems across the globe, but the American system is particularly dysfunctional by western standards. Abramson presents eloquently on the medical industrial complex’s role in this ongoing disaster.

Big Pharma and the Chinese Communist Party: Brian T. Kennedy

An expert on strategic threats to the USA, Kennedy discusses the CCP’s interplay with big pharma. He outlines their strategic objectives, what he claims to be big pharma’s failures, and how the two entities are working to destroy the USA and the free world.

Big Pharma and the Opioid Epidemic: Gerald Posner

Posner presents on the origins of the drug industry in America.  Demand for morphine during the Civil War was met by infamous pharmaceutical names such as Pfizer, Wyeth, Wellcome and others.  A fascinating evolution towards a modern day tragedy followed.

For anyone concerned about the path our collective democracies are on, or who recognises something is wrong but is unclear on the details, Naomi Wolf’s Pfizer trial analysis meets heavy competition with other equally informative, relevant and contemporary information. We recommend each and every one of these articulate, sometimes chilling and ultimately hopeful lectures. The more of us who understand what is happening, the faster our road to recovery.

We have shared the Academy of Science and Freedom’s Ethical Principles of Public Health before, but it seems an appropriate reminder here.

Naomi Wolf at Hillsdale Ethical Public Health
Hillsdale Freedom Naomi Wolf
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