Unprecedented Carnage Revealed in Te Whatu Ora’s Damaging Data Leak

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Many eyes are on New Zealand as the damaging whistle blower data reveals the unprecedented carnage from the vaccine rollout and, while the authorities are more concerned with a possible privacy breach, it is clear they are in significant damage control behind the scenes as the data adds to the evidence of a likely global crime against humanity.

Dr Matt Shelton talks with anaesthetist Dr Paul Oosterhuis at Parliament, Sunday 17th December 2023, in support of whistle blower Barry Young and the leaked Health New Zealand Te Whatu Ora vaccination data which exposes the obvious safety and temporal links to the increase in sudden and unexplained deaths.

Watch: Unprecedented Carnage Revealed in Te Whatu Ora’s Damaging Data Leak with Dr Matt Shelton and Dr Paul Oosterhuis at Parliament 17 December, 2023

The data reveals shocking statistics of lives no longer lived, but this is more than just numbers. These were real people – men, woman and children – who have lost their lives for trusting in a medical treatment that was promoted as ‘safe and effective’. 

Safe for whom? Investors? Effective at what? Profits?

Since when have young people dying in their sleep for no reason, and healthy sports players and athletes dropping dead been normal?  Why are we seeing the sudden onset of turbo cancers in every corner of life?  Why has there been an unprecedented rise in myocarditis, infections, and unusual neurological symptoms?  So many questions, and so few answers from our once trusted health authorities. While they continue to deny vaccine injuries, it is harder to hide the deaths of those losing their lives all around us.  The numbers do not lie. People in power have lied to meet their vaccination goals and to keep the narrative alive, even though it is rapidly crumbling.  The data leak has the potential to expedite the fall of this fragile house of cards, built upon lies and deceit.

With eyes around the world watching this damning NZ data leak, it is hoped this will be exposed on such a scale that the harms from the unpredictable and dangerous gene therapy jab cannot be hidden any longer. Those who have tried to utterly deceive, and so enabled this health disaster, must be held accountable. Surely, there is a criminal case to answer.

Health New Zealand Te Whatu Ora database administrator Barry Young, accused of leaking vaccine data, was in Wellington District Court on Monday December 18, 2023.  A large crowd of supporters both inside and outside the courthouse were there, and Barry was greeted with applause by those in the public gallery when he entered the court room to plead not guilty. He elected for trial by jury and is next due in to appear in court on February 23, 2024.

To those people within our hospital system, medical institutions and government departments who know that something is not right – to put it mildly –  but have remained silent; who continue to participate in the deception; and claim that they do not know of the harms of the covid-19 injections, we ask that you think carefully on the following.

When criminal charges are forthcoming, for the harms, injuries and deaths from the unpredictable and highly dangerous gene therapy injection, you will not be able to defend yourself by claiming you were ‘just following orders’ and you cannot claim ignorance for your role in supporting and/or administering the injections.  The evidence supporting the dangers of the injection is overwhelming and the tsunami of evidence coming forth to expose the lies and corruption will eventually unmask those individuals complicit in this epic health disaster. 

If you have a conscience, a heart and a mind which is opening to the possibility that the covid situation has been grossly flawed and that the injections are not ‘safe and effective’, do something today that could help your future self.

Barry Young not only acted out of conscience to expose the serious safety concerns he observed in the Te Whatu Ora data, but he was doing his job – just as a builder on a construction site would raise safety concerns if the scaffolding put the safety of workers in danger and posed a risk to life.  All employees in every workplace around New Zealand have a responsibility and role to play in preventing injury and illness.

The strength and courage of Barry to come forward hopefully will encourage others to do the right thing while they are still able.  New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) have been contacted by whistleblowers who wanted to come forward in strict confidence to share information on what they have seen and heard.  These individuals wished to remain anonymous due to consequences which could ruin their reputation, employment opportunities, relationships and life.  The stakes are high and there is seemingly a lot to risk, but a clear conscience, acting in truth and honour and being on the right side of history are more important for ‘the greater good’ of all than being held ransom by employers, medical council, regulatory bodies, institutions and government departments. 

All of these groups feel forced to support the Pfizer contract, which has the entire country seemingly held to ransom if not put up as collateral (as is powerfully and succinctly explained here by Nadine Cannock), but at the cost of human lives! How can this be right? Clearly the system has stopped working for the people and is now harming us terribly. What should the people do?

It is no longer just inquiry time, we must have a criminal investigation. 

The truth will out. 

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  1. Well said.
    I assume ‘The truth will out’ should read ‘The truth will come out’? If so, please correct it.

  2. Dr Michael Baker is a known communist since the 1980’s when the house he operated as a community trust was filled with posters of Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Mao Tse Tung, Marx and the such like. It was a family house and no doubt he was trained since a child by them in this satanism, disguised behind the mask of politics.

    NZDSOS needs to keep an eye on their website, as regularly important video clips have been deleted.

  3. Yes people need to be held accountable but will Pfizer not be held responsible as they made governments desist from prosecutions even though they had not fully tested the product. Thus will we need to hold governments and the medical fraternity responsible for saying it was safe and effective and implementing the rollout.

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