Dr Matt Shelton and Dr Meryl Nass on Exposing the Globalist Agenda

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Dr Matt Shelton from New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science recently had a down to earth chat with Dr Meryl Nass, a fearless hero, calling out the globalist agenda, corruption in the medical, industrial military complex and the suppression of possible treatments so that the c-19 injections could be rolled out in operation warp speed.

An internal physician and researcher with extensive expertise in pandemics and biological warfare, Dr Nass has suffered persecution by her State Medical Board for putting patients first, asking questions, and supporting bodily autonomy – just like conscientious medical professionals in New Zealand. She had her medical licence suspended, was denigrated for being a ‘dissenting voice’ and made an example of for supposedly undermining public confidence in medicine.

Dr Nass has been raising concerns especially on the elevated power of the WHO over member states and trying to teach what is going on with the elites and globalist institutions that are using medicine as a weapon to gain greater power – all under their fake claim to “protect peoples’ health”.

The Globalist Agenda and the Bought Off Mainstream Media

Mainstream media (MSM) was appointed the sole source of pandemic information, while dissenting opinions and ‘actual facts’ were given the derogatory labels we all know and love (sarc).

Acutely aware of the corruption in MSM and the dire need for a fair and free media, Meryl and Matt discuss how we get closer to a mass awakening, and what lessons we have learned about how some people have been so profoundly fooled by the well orchestrated media propaganda machine.

Watch: Dr Matt Shelton and Dr Meryl Nass on Exposing the Globalist Agenda

Dr Matt Shelton Talks to Dr Meryl Nass on Exposing the Global Agenda and More

Further Reading on the Globalist Agenda, Tyranny, and WHO Power Grab:

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  1. Dr Nass and Doctors speaking out of science have done much at great sacrifice to uphold my and others faith in good medicine. In heaven your rewards will be great. I trust that on Earth you have started a movement that will soon become mainstream.
    Peter Bacchus
    Biodynamic practitioner,
    Remedial Massage therapist.

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