Ivermectin Support Group

SAIG - Support for Access To Ivermetin Group - Registration

NZDSOS and the Health Help Line are forming a patient support group for access to Ivermectin.

Why did central Africa have a low incidence of Covid illness?

 They used Ivermectin to prevent malaria

Why did India’s Covid problems suddenly resolve?

  They started using Ivermectin treatment

How dangerous is Ivermectin?

It’s safer than paracetamol and aspirin

Why is it so difficult to get Ivermectin in New Zealand?

Our doctors who prescribe it are being penalised by their Medical Council even though they are perfectly entitled to do so. Ivermectin is only subsidised for the treatment of scabies in New Zealand, so has to be purchased privately.

Patients who have heard about Ivermectin can order it from India but when Customs/Medsafe find it they ask for a doctor’s prescription to let it go to the patient. Doctors will no longer agree to prescribe it in this situation for fear of losing their licenses.

Why is New Zealand not taking notice of the benefit of prescribing Ivermectin for Covid illness?

Why is inoculation against an old virus which has mutated and is no longer around being touted as the only treatment for Covid?

The inoculation (not a real vaccine) does not appear to be very effective, nor safe.

Why are there are more questions than answers?

Why are we being treated so badly?

The answers are so shocking that most people can’t believe them.

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