Health Helpline represents a new integrative approach to health.

A new paradigm is emerging from the grass root level in New Zealand, and it is arising out of dire need to establish a parallel medical structure that will serve, care, respect and treat according to the ethical and moral principles in the Hippocratic Oath that we as members of NZDSOS hold true.

What We Are Doing

Since we started our NZDSOS telehealth clinic in November 2021 we have seen over 3000 people.

Initially there were a lot of requests for exemptions and people wanting to optimise their immune systems against the Covid infection. Now we see mostly people who are unwell and may have been injured by the “vaccine” and people who have symptoms typical of Covid-type illness.

Covid-19 & ‘Vaccine Injuries’

Unfortunately, doctors and nurses who have previously been well-informed have been the subject, like all of us, of a massive propaganda campaign to misinform us and have us believe that there is nothing to be done for covid-19 except get a “vaccination” and if things get really bad go to ED or your GP where, even then, you may be sent home feeling hopelessly dismissed.

Our help line has heard many such stories and we believe there are many more. People in distress with covid infection and/or post-vaccination illnesses are often not attending because they think we can’t help or because they don’t know our NZDSOS Health help Line exists.

We want to reach these people who are suffering silently and painfully with ongoing symptoms. We see previously healthy people, sometimes keen young athletes and motivated high achievers, unable to enjoy their usual, pre-vaccination, active lifestyles.

The Health Help Line Can Help

We have helped hundreds of patients with probably “vaccination” injuries to regain their health, return to work and engage in their communities. We specialise in treating not only Covid “vaccine” injuries, but also in treating Covid infection and Long Covid.

Please pass on the message that we can help and, if you are able, please donate to NZDSOS Health Help Line where your money will be respectfully used to help these dear people once again become good friends and neighbours – willing participants in our culture which is kind and caring.

All-encompassing Service

The Health Help Line have expanded our services to include general primary care services with an emphasis on Integrative Medicine that can be provided remotely.

The doctors and nurses at Health Help Line

  • Provide the trusted medical care your family may need
  • Give full, open, and transparent health advice
  • Will not judge you on your health views

We receive no government subsidy and try to keep costs to our patients as low as possible. Some of us work for no financial reward. We are largely donation supported. Thank you for helping.

What Our Patients are Saying

My experience with you at NZDSOS have been very positive. I really appreciate all the ongoing support I have received from you. You are a group of very caring and trustworthy health professionals who have patients’ welfare at heart at all times. Thank You so kindly for the wonderful work you are doing!!!

“Recently I contacted NZDSOS for a consultation and found the service to be absolutely awesome. Not only did one of their Doctors call me outside of clinic hours to ensure I got my results and understood them but I also had follow up calls from their nurses every 3-4 days to check on how I was doing. Their service is outstanding, a hundred times better than my standard GP provides. At no time did I feel rushed as they not only listened to my concerns but came up with suggestions to help resolve the situation. I can’t speak more highly of their service. Absolutely outstanding! I’ll be looking to join their clinic permanently.”