As vax deaths are ramping up, Leonard Cohen’s song, Nevermind is an intense reminder of the complexities of life. There are those that know, despite the pain, grief and tears, that truth will outlast destruction- the song’s original message. There are those that look away.

Adapted and recorded by AMac, 2022, for Red Remembrance Day, Nevermind speaks of the destruction wrought by the covid injection that was promised to get us “back to normal”. When it fails to do so, killing and maiming along the way, there are those that just say, Nevermind. However, as Red Remembrance Day showed, there are many who do not look away, who can resonate with the words:

Nevermind Vax Adapted: Listen- and Read the Words

Nevermind, lives lost, deaths denied:
There are vaxxed that live & vaxxed that die:
I don’t know who but nevermind.

The jabs it seems are not all the same:
Different batches, data gathering, experimentation is the name of the game:
Some kill, others lame, hatched in labs for the criminally insane,
When your name’s called, that batch number you get: God knows,
Nothing good comes from playing Jab Russian Roulette

And you, who held your ground, would not comply
Uncoerced by godless lies while others fell under a fearful spell:
The vaxxed get heaven, the rest is hell.

So long ago, we picked our side:
Drew some lines…Truths confided…Truths denied:
Factions made: We formed our tribes

Now times have changed [tho the game plan’s the same]:
Humanity carries on eating apples,
Goodness & evil continue to battle,
Instructions are given, truth removed
Christ and the Devil both disabused
Spirits of destruction assume their poses demure
While we suppose what good should endure

I know, I know, religion spoils the view, contravenes the Official World
News: Nevermind: If pain persists, see your doctor: Shoot up another shot of devil’s own pulp propaganda, key facts & figures abandoned, as blacked out as any Pfizer contract: No response-ability, No conscience,
No culpability; Personal liability all carefully redacted; Livelihoods…
lives lost…injuries ignored: Such indifference comes at quite a cost, but nevermind: We choose whatever…For now that choice is ours

As time slides by, still entranced
Some dream we’ve won; some even dance
Others die, dead on their feet
Dead in the bath; dead in the streets
No treatment plan: No time to swoon,
No safe-house; no sacred place; No safe womb;
Just jab attacks under a blood red moon

Shots delivered by volunteers
Doing their bit to prick without the tears
Too many needles get the damage done
No jab. No job: So run rabbit run.

Nevermind. Nevermind: So many virtues to immortalise:
So many vices to disguise: So many mantras to memorise

Written & presented by AMac, Nov 2022 for Red Remembrance Day

Based upon, inspired by & adapted from Leonard Cohen’s song, Nevermind

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