Freedom 2 You- Remembering How The World Stood Up

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Freedom 2 You

Yet another Leonard Cohen song adapted to the times we find ourselves in, with our world irrevocably changed in ways we never imagined.

While we may be taking a breather as mandates have ended and the injections are rolled back in many countries, let us remember and honour those who took a stand for freedom. NZDSOS especially thanks and acknowledges those behind the Canadian Truckers movement who set in motion the world-wide protests. It is not a stretch to suggest that if the men and women did not take to the streets, the mandates and injections would still be in place.

In remembering the actions of a year ago, including those in New Zealand, lets gain strength from what has been achieved, from increasing numbers of people realising what is going on and the obvious increasing desperation of those trying to control us.

When it comes to freedom, this is our hill and our “hallelujah” moment. We still have much to do.

Watch: Hallelujah for our times, from Children’s Health Defense

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