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Natural Law / God’s Law rules all

Working with Tikanga for Everyone

As our ability to practice medicine came under threat, we started to look at who was lawfully and legally attempting to rule over us. What we found, gives hope to all people who are willing to live in honour.

The simplest concepts are often the most important. It is no different in law. The highest law in the world, contains only two edicts: do no harm and act in honour. Using these two concepts we can co-create a better way in health and in life, and Save Our Sovereignty.

God’s Law is paramount. All laws and statutes need to abide by the higher laws. This is the order as “First in law is best in law”.

In New Zealand, we are uniquely placed to have supporting law that we can use to Save our Sovereignty. All New Zealanders are protected in Sovereignty by Tikanga and Common Law.

He Whakaputanga (Declaration of Independence) was signed in 1835 by The Confederation of Hereditary Chiefs and Heads of the United Tribes o Aoetearoa and accepted by King William IV, declaring New Zealand an Independent Sovereign State, and extending this sovereignty to all people.

As “First in time is best in Law”, He Whakaputanga stands in international law. This has been confirmed in the 1988 Imperial Laws Application Act and the 1993 Te Ture Whenua Maori/Maori Land Act.

The NZ government (in reality a listed corporation) along with international forces, are trying to hide these truths from us, inverting the order of laws. Unfortunately, this deception is continuing in the co-governance structure recently implemented in health.

Without addressing the legal precepts, our ability to provide meaningful health care is undermined. Hence our focus is drawn to creating health structures based on ethical legal foundations.

New Zealand Doctors are working to

Save Our Sovereignty


Our Impact Over Time

What a year of growth and discovery. Initially, we were sure that when met with reasoned argument and the overwhelming evidence we presented to them, our regulatory bodies would take pause to consider their covid-19 response. As we were ignored and then persecuted, we realised that there was much more at play than public health. We started to understand that our freedoms and inalienable rights were being taken from us under the guise of public good. We came to understand that unless we took action, hard-won freedoms in statutes such as the Nuremberg code would be lost for generations.

Medical & Personal Freedom

We have risen to the challenge of restoring medical and personal freedom. NZDSOS, alongside our local and international allies, is moving around the government to build new a health system and co-create a better way in health and in life.

Locally, NZDSOS, along with other freedom groups have been instrumental in the dropping of mandates for other workplaces and for entering restaurants and gyms. School children no longer need to be injected to partake in sport and schools are no longer providing injection centers. We suspect that the myriad of Notices of Liability served on schools helped to make this happen.

Doctors and hospitals are now aware that they need to see all patients, whether injected or not. Less and less people are wearing masks in public spaces.

Internationally, NZDSOS is a founding member of the World Council for Health, an increasingly relevant global health organisation, fighting for health freedom and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Under the auspices of the Wakaminenga Health Council and Based on Natural Law, Maori Tikanga, and English Common Law, we are a co-creating a new way of doing medicine. One in which all humans are endowed with free will, act honourably and do no harm.


Signed the NZDSOS Declaration

Brought Together In Support of the Hippocratic Oath, Informed Consent and the New Zealand Bill of Rights


Support Provided To Vaccine-Injured New Zealanders

Directly supporting patients who have been injured by the covid-19 injections


High-Powered Microscope Purchased

We have examined vials of the of the Comirnaty covid-19 injection and reported on our findings to numerous authorities


Patients Seen in the Health Helpine Online Clinic Since October 2021

Helping New Zealanders access vital medical support for all things covid related


Dollars Challenging the New Zealand Government in Court

Our actions in court have highlighted the dishonorable behaviour of our institutions, the deception of the government and spurred us on to co-create a better way

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Our sovereignty, freedoms, and health are being taken away.

As doctors, we are appalled at what has happened to our profession and our country. No longer are doctors delivering health or our government protecting our freedom.

NZDSOS needs help to co-create a better way. A way that, along with the community, empowers the public and doctors, holds authorities accountable, and delivers real health.

In place of the dishonourable regulatory medical bodies, we are building the Wakaminenga Hauora Health Council that will serve all people based on individual choice, Tikanga Maori, and natural law and will empower practitioners to uphold the Hippocratic oath.

New Zealand Doctors

Speaking Out with Science
Save Our Sovereignty
Save Our Freedom
Save Our Health
What You Are Telling Us

Real Action for Health and Life


I would like to see a future in healing all forms of illness and other maladies, that practises a combination of holistic, homeopathic, aromatherapy, Ayurvedic and naturopathic treatments, along with traditional healing methods, and self healing treatments, with less reliance on chemical drugs. Still, however maintaining proven medical treatments.

This is my life-long dream coming true! Thank you!! We eventually want local access to a full range of health-supportive services including everything from herbalism, homeopathy, energy and breath treatments, unbiased nutrition counselling, mental health support, sound healing, etc where practitioners are paid fairly but not exorbitantly.

What Our Supporters Are Saying About NZDSOS

Thanks to all donors.

October 5, 2021

Keep up the good work

November 24, 2021

So grateful for your stand against the tide of disinformation, coercion and propaganda that has been inflicted on our … Read more

So grateful for your stand against the tide of disinformation, coercion and propaganda that has been inflicted on our population by our own elected leaders and appointed "experts". Thank you for standing in truth. So happy to support you.

October 7, 2021

We are behind you and praying for you as you stand against this tyranny

February 15, 2022

nothing strengthens authority as much as silence the un-vaccinated are today's Jewish people of … Read more

nothing strengthens authority as much as silence the un-vaccinated are today's Jewish people of 1940's Germany thank you for being strong enough to speak up

February 17, 2022

Keep up the good work!!!

August 30, 2022

February 16, 2022

Love and blessings of harmonious and balancing health and wellness for all. Thank you for your … Read more

Love and blessings of harmonious and balancing health and wellness for all. Thank you for your service and Care.

February 8, 2022

May God bless you all and give you the strength to carry on till the end.

February 16, 2022

Thank you all for doing a wonderful job. Much appreciated.

February 16, 2022

Unity and love will conquer this unprecedented tyranny.

February 16, 2022

Thank you NZDSOS for helping the people of NZ

February 16, 2022

Well done to you all. Keep going, you are winning!!!! And that means "WE ARE ALL WINNING WHO ARE … Read more

Well done to you all. Keep going, you are winning!!!! And that means "WE ARE ALL WINNING WHO ARE ON YOUR SIDE".

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