Thank You

The clinicians at the NZDSOS Covid Help Online Clinic are trying to assess as many people as possible in regard to exemptions and vaccine injuries.

When clinically assessed as being inappropriate to be vaccinated, we believe it would be good for as many people as possible to have an exemption. If an employer rejects the exemption, you may choose to undertake legal proceedings.

It appears unlikely that we are going to get to everybody in good time and we would like to advise you of other options.

We do request that you do not submit multiple requests as this just further clogs the system. At this stage we are only assessing vaccine exemptions and injuries. We do not have resource to provide early treatment or other advise such as antibody testing. We hope to be able to provide these less urgent services soon.

Non-Medical Exemptions and Actions

The members of NZDSOS believe that no one should be coerced into undertaking any medical intervention. This is a trying time of uncertainty and confusion for many. It could be argued that we are living this for a reason and that together we will build a better tomorrow.

We encourage you to connect

  • With your loved ones – and all humans, including yourself
  • With nature
  • With something greater than yourself.

Ngā mihi nui