Clinical Rehabilitation Guideline for People with Long COVID in Aotearoa New Zealand: Another Case of Distorted Medicine

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As Long Covid continues to feature in corporate media stories, the New Zealand Ministry of Health have a 51-page document dated December 2022, Clinical Rehabilitation Guideline for People with Long COVID (Coronavirus Disease) in Aotearoa New Zealand intended for use by clinicians caring for Long COVID patients. Alongside this they have published a series of fact sheets for clinicians and individuals, available at the same link. We evaluate the guideline below.

The guideline claims to be “an evidence-based summary that sets out a definition and diagnosis of long COVID and then outlines the best evidence currently available to assist practitioners in their informed decision making to improve the health, vocational and social outcomes for people with long COVID.” A theme throughout the guideline is the inequities experienced by Māori and Pasifika and ways to address these.

The guideline uses a care pathway model, beginning with personalised community-based self-care, followed by Long Covid multidisciplinary hospital or community-based teams depending on locality, and finally referring to specialist care. The case definition of Long Covid is “signs and symptoms, consistent with COVID-19, that develop during or after an infection, continue for more than 12 weeks and are not explained by an alternative diagnosis … irrespective of a confirmed diagnosis by testing.

Disease diagnosis is a complex aspect of medical practice which takes years of theoretical and practical training. It involves consideration of all possible causes for an individual’s presenting symptoms, using a process of history taking, clinical examination and investigation to confirm the right diagnosis.

In 2020 a distorted testing regime replaced the diagnostic process, which was stripped from clinicians and placed into the hands of untrained personnel, overwhelmed laboratories and vested interests. Pathologist Dr Clare Craig summarises the various problems of Covid testing in her 2021 article, A Miscarriage of Diagnosis. For a more detailed discussion of the issue, we recommend Dr Craig’s long-form discussion with Steve Katasi at Episode 154 of AdapNation.

As if these distortions of diagnosis were not enough, the Long Covid guideline allows for a diagnosis to be made in the complete absence of any testing at all for Covid infection i.e. covid infection is not required for a diagnosis of long covid! This excludes the need for appropriate investigation and ignores the fact that the symptoms of Long Covid and Covid-19 vaccine injury overlap, which is a significant consideration in highly vaccinated populations.

In addition to these complications, nowhere in the Long Covid guideline is the phenomenon of antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) or vaccine associated enhanced disease (VAED) mentioned. This is a well established problem in all earlier attempts to develop coronavirus vaccines, whereby the presence of vaccine associated antibodies paradoxically worsens the course of disease.  VAED is listed as an ‘important potential risk’ in Medsafe’s latest Comirnaty Risk Management Plan.

The guideline makes recommendations for investigation of Long Covid symptoms based on findings from Recommendations for the recognition, diagnosis, and management of long COVID: a Delphi study, published in the British Journal of General Practice in November 2021.

Delphi studies involve expert panels of stakeholders who conduct meetings, surveys and interviews before coming to a consensus view. Expert opinion is the lowest level of evidence on the pyramid of hierarchical evidence for scientific studies.

The Delphi study relied upon was led by researchers at Imperial College London, who are the recipients of over US$300 million in Gates Foundation funding. This troubling conflict of interest, appearing throughout public health research and service delivery today, was most recently described in Maryanne Demasi’s article The FDA’s Ties to the Gates Foundation, 20 October 2023.

Almost every one of the conditions attributed to Long Covid in the guideline can be found in Appendix 1: List of Adverse Events of Special Interest, in the Pfizer document 5.3.6 Cumulative Analysis of Post-Authorization Adverse Events Reports. Yet neither the Delphi study, nor the New Zealand guideline, mention this overlap.

Returning to the Long Covid symptom definition above, “…and are not explained by an alternative diagnosis…”, we can offer a highly plausible alternative diagnosis: our favourite elephant in the room, Comirnaty.

The guideline also omits to mention the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein as the common causative agent between Long Covid and Covid-19 post-vaccination syndrome. This harm was termed “spikopathy” by geneticist Professor Alexandra Henrion-Caude. There are however, many other causative factors to post-vaccination syndrome, as described here.

Inhaled virus is usually blocked by barriers in the upper respiratory tract, so that entry of the spike protein into the circulation is confined to a small number in the sub-group of people with risk factors who are unable to mount an immune response at the site of entry. By comparison, injection of the genetic code to make spike protein, or of spike protein itself, directly into the circulation bypasses these barriers. Consequently, vaccination is the much more likely cause of prolonged spikopathy symptoms in vaccinated populations. Read more at Spike Protein Persistence and Damage and ‘Spikeopathy’: COVID-19 Spike Protein Is Pathogenic, from Both Virus and Vaccine mRNA.

In discussing the impact of vaccination, the guideline claims that “the best way to prevent long COVID is to prevent the initial infection.”

We agree. But nowhere is there mention of the still lost-at-sea pillars of immune and vascular health: sunshine and vitamin D, rest, joy, exercise, social connection and of course anti-inflammatory foods. Anyway, it is now broadly acknowledged that Covid-19 vaccination does not prevent infection. Actually, putting aside all the egregious danger signs, there is evidence for increased frequency of covid illness, and reducing duration of any initial temporary immune boost, with increasing jabs. So much for efficacy.

The guideline makes two contradictory statements regarding vaccination. Firstly, that “Studies reporting on symptom changes following vaccination of people with long COVID have reported a higher proportion of people who experienced unchanged symptoms following vaccination than people whose symptoms improved or worsened.” In the next sentence, it states that “Most studies comparing long COVID symptoms before and after vaccination report an improvement in symptoms after vaccination, either immediately or over several weeks.” It recommends commencing or continuing Covid-19 vaccination three months following infection.

No references are provided in the guideline to support the claim that vaccination improves Long Covid symptoms. Any such studies would require close scrutiny to exclude conflicts of interest and corrupted research.

Global leaders in Covid-19 treatment such as the Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance, state categorically that “Patients with long COVID must not receive further COVID-19 vaccines of any type.” Their 21-page reference library clearly outlines why, listing the wide range of risks associated with these products.

Only two sentences are dedicated to medical treatment for Long Covid. The potential effect on each body system is outlined. Essentially, sufferers are being softened up for no active treatment, merely community support and psychological attempts to help any manifest distress and depression.

This is astounding given the myriad evidence for effective treatments, such as but not limited to, the FLCCC i-Recover Long Covid Treatment Protocol and Truth for Health Foundation.

In his August 2023 article Circulating Spike Protein in Blood of Vaccinated Long-COVID Patients: Strong Rationale for Empiric Base Spike Detox Regimen, Dr Peter McCullough provides a clinical rationale for 3 particular components, all natural, that conscientious doctors have found to work in many patients. These doctors were providing early treatment for covid from the start – McCullough’s protocol was the most downloaded on the internet – and their experience and observations have carried them forward as vanguards, from treating the initial illness, then the occasional post-viral syndromes, into the far more common harms of vaccination.

Finally, given the purported high vaccination rates in the countries beating the loudest fear drums about long covid, it remains astonishing that there is no attempt to account for vaccine status in any official research seeking to blame the virus for Long Covid rather than the jab. Clearly to us, Long Covid is being used as a distraction from, or whitewash of, the chickens coming home to roost from the reckless Russian roulette of this hasty gene therapy.

See our article Fundamentals of Long Covid-19 Syndrome for further information on Long Covid.

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