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WHO International Health Regulations: Please Help Mount an Effective Opposition Against the World Health Organization’s Plans – Part 2

In addition to our earlier article, WHO Treaty: Please Help Mount an Effective Opposition Against the World Health Organization’s Plans, lawyer Kirsten Murfitt has written an open letter to parliament and launched Petition of Kirsten Murfitt: Reject the amendments to the International Health Regulations (2005).

Please help oppose this imminent threat to the sovereignty of all nations including New Zealand by becoming informed, and signing the petition.

To learn more about the WHO legal frameworks including the planned amendments to the International Health Regulations, see the following articles:

The WHO Treaty and International Health Regulations documents are long and complex, which is in part intended to create confusion and obfuscation. With secrecy and confusion, their plans can succeed. With an informed public, they cannot.

A worthwhile resource is Door to Freedom, maintained by an international group of public health clinicians and academics, legal experts, researchers and human rights activists. This team are reading and interpreting the various documents and proceedings, and sharing material in lay-friendly format, in order to inform and support the general public.

WHO International Health Regulations Door To Freedom

The following unelected officials are representing New Zealand in proceedings and most New Zealanders remain unaware that this is happening. They can only succeed with ongoing secrecy and gaslighting of the citizens they claim to represent. Many agreements have been signed in secret by people who think they know better than the voting public – often pushed by unelected bureaucrats – and most of us have no idea of the implications. “Covid pandemic management” has told us a great deal about behind-the-scenes machinations going back decades. Learn more at Help Stop the WHO Treaty Plans.

WHO International Health Regulations Delegates at WHA

Opposition to the Amendments to the International Health Regulations

For all New Zealanders who value a free and dignified life, the bigger picture is to get out from under the greedy and abusive plans of the WEF and WHO altogether, but for now New Zealanders can mount an effective opposition to this latest coup d’état. Read Kirsten Murfitt’s letter, below, and PLEASE sign the parliamentary petition to help stop the adoption of the amendments to the International Health Regulations (2005).

Speak to your local MP about the issue. We have until 1st December to persuade PM Luxon to opt us out of these increasingly dangerous and constrictive amendments. 

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