WHO Treaty: Please Help Mount an Effective Opposition Against the World Health Organization’s Plans

WHO Treaty Opposition Letter FI
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We have written about the WHO Treaty (WHO Convention, Accord or Other International Agreement, aka the WHO CA+) and amendments to the International Health Regulations on multiple occasions now, in efforts to inform the public who are being kept in the dark by our captured politicians and mainstream media. Greg Rzesniowiecki has consolidated our efforts by authoring and sharing a letter for all concerned New Zealanders to borrow from, in communications with their representatives.

To learn more about the WHO legal frameworks being prepared, see the following articles:

The WHO Treaty and International Health Regulations documents are long and complex, which is in part intended to create confusion and obfuscation. With secrecy and confusion, their plans can succeed. With an informed public, they cannot.

A worthwhile resource is Door to Freedom, maintained by an international group of public health clinicians and academics, legal experts, researchers and human rights activists. This team are reading and interpreting the various documents and proceedings, and sharing material in lay-friendly format, in order to inform and support the general public.

WHO Treaty Opposition Door To Freedom

The following unelected officials are representing New Zealand in proceedings and most New Zealanders remain unaware that this is happening. They can only succeed with ongoing secrecy and gaslighting of the citizens they claim to represent. Learn more at Help Stop the WHO Treaty Plans.

WHO Treaty Opposition Delegates at WHA

Active Opposition to the WHO Treaty

New Zealanders can mount an effective opposition to this coup d’état. Download a copy of Greg Rzesniowiecki’s letter. Personalise it, and send it to your political representative, with an expectation that they will respond and act in the interests of the people of New Zealand.

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  1. Hi,
    Pls have the WHO Treaty letter in a pdf form as can’t open the .nomedia type file downloaded on my Android mobile.
    Or if you can’t provide an alternative type file to download, can the letter be copied to my Gmail address?
    Pls advise.

  2. Keep up this important work, without it tyranny will abound. Unfortunately those with absolutely no idea of what this globalist eugenics plan is all about, are pushing this agenda unaware that they are complicit in the murder of millions.
    These plans have been in place for many decades, furthers Hitlers gynocidal utopia, a plan that was taken up by the US and the globalists after Hitlers defeat. Depopulation by the death system called health system, will only be defeated by One – 2030.

    1. ”Hitlers gynocidal utopia” – You are an idiot who has been brain addled by the Ashkenazim communist lies.
      I doubt you know anything of true history.
      Hitler had foibles and trying to genetically engineer better people was a good one. Unlike whatever you have been brainwashed with though he did not set out to genocide any race unlike the Zionist Ashkenazim with the Kalergi Plan which went global in the West in 1970 thanks to communist Yankeeland.
      The same ones genociding Palestinians right now.

      Germany Innocent of WW II : https://www.bitchute.com/video/fhTD44oun8gb/
      Danzig. A last Appeal to Reason : https://www.bitchute.com/video/rzo0NO3rChUW/

      Just a few sites with actual facts.

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