NZ’s Coalition Agreement Signals Progress Towards Hope and Healing From The Covid Debacle

NZ Government Coalition FI
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NZDSOS is pleased that the National/ACT/NZFirst NZ government coalition agreement seems to restore some transparency and democratic principles to government, and congratulates the party negotiators involved.
NZ Government Coalition

The coalition agreement’s scope is very wide, and the worst of Labour’s destructive, racist and tyrannical legislation stands to be repealed. Much damage has been done to the fabric of our country and it will be a Herculean task to return New Zealand to a state of freedom and transparency, and untampered genome (if this is indeed possible).

Many are now wiser to what has been happening in the halls of power while we were busy getting on with life until Covid shone a light on what was going on.  We will no longer accept any assaults to our freedom, medical and otherwise.

Happily, our repeated calls and support for a public enquiry have been answered, with broader terms of operation than the previous government’s Royal Commission attempted whitewash currently in operation. We call for this Royal Commission to be dismantled immediately. Why throw good money after bad?

However, we note the lack of specific mention of COVID-19 injection safety in the proposed public enquiry, and the coalition agreement between ACT and National refers to loosening the regulations on new biotech products. This is alarming, despite the promise to rescind the attack on natural health care that was the Therapeutic Products Act. How much looser can the regulations get than those already ushering in the most dangerous medical product in modern history?

We wanted to see the jabs stopped immediately, pending the enquiry’s timetable and composition being released, as we have presented evidence continually as to the clear dangers of these injections. People have been dying and suffering disablement in astonishing numbers from the start. We are disappointed this committment is not explicitly stated, and NZDSOS will not sit patiently for a public process to complete and report whilst manifest harms continue. We note the jabs were quietly given full approval by the caretaker health minister Ayesha Verrall whilst coalition negotiations were proceeding. 

The committment to remove all mandates is welcomed. However the Labour government pretended to do just that, but the mandates have stayed alive and malignant in the health system especially, where discrimination against unjabbed patients and staff continues. We call for a full reinstatement of all mandated-out staff and a formal reconciliation process. Presumably the enquiry will make findings regarding compensation, including to the vaccine injured and bereaved, despite our new Prime Minister ruling that out pre-election. 

We are very pleased that the Ministry of Education is directed in the coalition agreement to abandon the assaults of gender ideology and early sexualisation on our children, and that legislation criminalising free speech, including criticism especially of government policy, is to be removed.

We have important expectations for the promised pandemic enquiry, and NZDSOS and others have already worked together on detailed terms of reference that have been submitted when the Royal Commission was first mooted. 

To ensure “Never Again” means something this time, we must examine the weaponised ‘justified limitations’ used to sideline the Bill of Rights, the devastating behaviour of the Medical Council and Health and Disability Commission, the propagandisement of our media, the malign influence of pharma corporations and unelected transnational private groups, inaction by NZ Police and Medsafe, and the hidden committees in government making secret decisions without transparency whilst ignoring their own science and legal advice.  There is an urgent need for a body or facility that enables the debate and adjudication of scientific matters, as only the government’s own opinions are given a platform, and the country’s lawyers and judges have floundered in this regard.

Above all, we wish to support and thank the coalition partners for their committment and apparent willingness to attempt to help heal our country, and urge them to remain true to their promises. However, we suspect the true devastation to the nation’s well-being – even its very genome – and trust in government processes has yet to sheet home fully for some of the new political leaders. 

We offer our full help and co-operation to them, although much of our evidence and submissions have been provided to them and been long available on our website, www.nzdsos.com.

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  1. Keep up speaking for all New Zealanders. Thank you 100% for your efforts. Hopefully this will spread throuhout the world. Sadly here is Australia we have a Labour government out to destroy our health by supporting the WHO. I live in hope that they will be destroyed.

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