Concerns Over Statistics About Survival Rates in 2023.

NZDSOS’s Open Letter to the New Zealand Heart Foundation

With the almost doubling in heart attack rates reported in some DHBs, and the drop in survival of community cardiac arrests from 30% in 2018 to 10%, deeply concerning to our team, NZDSOS has written an open letter to the commercially-funded Heart Foundation of New Zealand (HFNZ) to endorse the concern of their cardiologist Dr Gerry Devlin regarding the decrease in these survival rates. 

The New Zealand Herald recently reported on these grim statistics…

…calling for (even) more defibrillators in communities around the country. But this drips with irony, given the astonishing rates of heart injury apparent from the covid-19 injections.

We call on the HFNZ to tackle the problem at source rather than providing a final toast at the last chance saloon for the victims – a jolt of volts from the national grid, whose effectiveness has decreased by 66% apparently.

Surely this speaks to a brand new disease process causing all these sudden cardiac arrests, no?  We note that the HFNZ continue to promote the covid injections.

Are they not aware of research implying that ALL those injected with the covid inoculation  show signs of myocarditis, if one looks properly?

We find this hard to compute and have highlighted these studies in our correspondence with them.

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Since we sent our letter – unanswered of course – their UK counterparts have released a ‘statement’ bemoaning the dramatic worsening in heart disease rates in the last several years.

Dr John Campbell covers this British Heart Foundation press release, and asks the obvious questions about the statistics, here

Given the rise in sudden deaths, the drop in survivial of cardiac arrests and the recent appearance of multiple stories of turbo cancers, we again call on the NZ government to immediately halt the covid injections pending a full and unbiaised inquiry.

You can read through our open letter below.​​​​​​​

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  1. Please see interview of Dr Robert Clancy by Dr John Campbell re the use of Ivermectin for treatment of post vaccine & long covid. Is there any chance that Shane Reti would condescend to watch this? It has been so disappointing to watch our government, Minister & Ministry of Health ignoring all the information from many peer reviewed papers, data collections & renowned physicians from all over the world showing the danger & horrors of the mRNA.
    I have 2 granddaughters at Baradene & they are horrified by the loss of two of their students from the same year as the younger granddaughter!
    My heart breaks for them & the girls families
    Marie Dale

    Thank you so much for all you do to bring an end to this horror!

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