Welcome colleague!

We are very happy that you want to join us in our quest for sensemaking in this dystopian world.  We are being chased, coerced and censored, but we will get through this!

Please be aware that we have to be careful! We like to communicate with you through 2 channels. For this reason, before you enroll, you have to organise two things:

  1.  You have to have or get a secured email account from protonmail. Please get this now it is free (https://protonmail.com/). We will not send any mail to other email providers, so please do not try to enroll without one. It is also important in case Telegram gets compromised.
  2. You have to install the Telegram messenger app.  You do need a smartphone for this to start it, additionally it can work on any platform, pc and mac. You will get an invite for the NZDSOS private channel(s). Without Telegram you will get irregular proton newsletters, but you miss out on many details.

If you have done this (or already have it) then you are ready to enroll:

Please fill in the form to enroll in the NZDSOS for dentists groups: