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Hold On To Your Hats – Is There An Influenza Outbreak or Another Covid Variant in 2022?

Students in Dunedin university residency halls are coming down in an Influenza outbreak and Covid case outbreak sufficiently concerning that their parents need to take them home.

New Zealanders are constantly bombarded by the mainstream media about new Covid variants, new viruses and general doom for humanity unless we fastidiously comply with constant sanitising, masking, scanning and vaccination while submitting to unprecedented surveillance to keep us “safe”.

Will we accept being wrapped in cotton wool? Or would we rather live upright dangerously than on bended knee, beaten down by fear-mongering, predictive programming and the compounding risks of never-ending gene shots? Are we that concerned about an Influenza outbreak?

NZDSOS’s Press Release on the Influenza Outbreak and Other Viruses – Hold Onto Your Hats

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