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Dr Tess Lawrie, founder of the British Ivermectin Recommendation Development (BIRD) group and the World Council for Health have launched the 2nd World Ivermectin Day. NZDSOS is proud to be part of this event. We have joined forces with the Health Forum NZ and Voices for Freedom bringing you real expert discussion on this important topic.

Join us on Sunday 24 July @ 7pm. Register here & scroll down to email the Ministry of Health.

Ivermectin is part of early treatment protocols around the world for covid-19. Despite the scandalous Together Trial trying to turn doctors against Ivermectin, scientific evidence is increasing for its benefits in preventing and treating covid-19. When used as part of a broad early treatment strategy, the effectiveness of this re-purposed and cheap to manufacture medication is likely to be much greater.

NZDSOS Questions Why Ivermectin Has Not Been Authorised in NZ

  • This medication has always been available in New Zealand
  • Sometime in 2021 there were suddenly “supply issues”
  • In September 2021 Medsafe issued a safety alert for its use in covid-19
  • All Ivermectin that was being imported by doctors and the general public was stopped by customs
  • Despite doctors being able to prescribe “off-label”, imported Ivermectin was withheld by Medsafe, even on receipt of a doctor’s prescription

If New Zealand is in the midst of a serious viral pandemic, would the Ministry of Health not expect and indeed encourage doctors to use every available intervention possible – to save lives and to save our hospitals from being over-run?

Here is your chance to write to Andrew Little, the Minister of Health, requesting immediate authorisation and subsidy of this life-saving drug.

Please add your own personal message to this email. Once you hit the green button at the end, it will immediately be emailed directly to Andrew Little. Replies will be received to your email, so please check your junk mail.

MOH Ivermectin Letter

To: The New Zealand Minister of Health

Do not submit the default email as is. Modify it and add your introduction as you see fit. Please present your message in a respectful manner, free of any profanity, ad hominem attacks, vulgarity, or other inappropriate language.

With thanks, 

It may seem like we are up against a Goliath; but then we know it only took one David to bring him down – and there are so many more of us.

Let’s do this New Zealand

NZDSOS has written extensively about Ivermectin. Here is a brief summary about ways in which it works:

  • Stops Sars-CoV-2 from entering the cells
  • May stop viral proteins from travelling in and out of the cell nucleus
  • Prevents the virus replicating
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Prevents blood from clotting by binding to the spike protein
  • Protects the heart by increasing ATP (energy) production
  • May help to optimise the microbiome (good bugs in the gut)
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