Battling for Medical Autonomy: Dr. Elena Bishop’s Challenge Against Mandates

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This article is part of a series on doctors silenced by health authorities in New Zealand.

Dr. Elena Bishop, M.D. trained in both the Soviet Union and the USA before starting her first job as a pathologist in New Zealand years ago. Having experienced the turmoil in Russia in the 90s while a medical student, she was excited to gain a fresh perspective on the world by relocating internationally, first to the USA, then later, to New Zealand, this time with a young family in tow.

Unjustly Treated

When the vaccine mandates were deployed, she did not expect that her position would require vaccination.

Dr. Elena Bishop, a New Zealand-based pathologist who found herself arguing for her own medical rights during the Covid-19 pandemic

As a pathologist, her primary role was to examine slides and provide accurate diagnoses. The job did not require direct physical contact with patients or colleagues.

She even worked proactively with her private employer to facilitate working from home. 

From her boss’ perspective the situation was looking positive…

“until the DHB [District Health Board] put their foot down and said, absolutely not. No unvaccinated employee can work from home.” 

And she was shocked that her private employer could be dictated to, so heavily influenced that they wouldn’t even entertain alternatives.

Confident that it all was just a misunderstanding, she argued for her right to refuse treatment, as it’s an unalienable and fundamental principle of medical ethics. 

But she was stonewalled.

“I have to say that when the mandates came, I just couldn’t believe it… And until the very last moment, until the very last day, I was like, No, that can’t happen. And it can’t happen to me. I’ve been with this company for 15 years. They know I’m a good employee. They say they appreciate me. I work hard. I get the job done. And I’m experienced. So certainly, [they] don’t want to lose somebody like that. This is madness! We just need a little bit of common sense and we’ll come to some accommodation that would suit everybody. But no, it just happened. It just happened and it wasn’t nice. I would say that even the reaction of my colleagues was not nice. They acted like it was all my fault and they essentially offended me on the way out. I won’t say how, but it was painful. It was just like being thrown out like a dog when you’re no longer needed.”

“It is very wrong. And I believe it traumatized me for life.”

Strain on the Healthcare System

The repercussions of Dr Bishop’s forced departure are being felt in the region where she worked. 

Pathologists were already in short supply in New Zealand and her absence has increased the strain on colleagues and increased the time taken for patients to get their results.  Some of these results will be new cancer diagnoses and delayed results can lead to delayed treatment and potentially worse outcomes.

Employment dramas, however, were not the only issue Dr Bishop was facing.

Medical Ethics and Right to Refuse Treatment

In addition to the challenges with her own work situation, Dr Bishop was concerned about what the public were (or more importantly, weren’t) being told about the vaccine.

She felt people weren’t being provided with sufficient information to make an informed choice.  So, she posted information on social media, made a video and spoke publicly.

“My main goal was to make sure that people get proper informed consent when they receive this medicine, which was still experimental. If they want to get it, yeah, go ahead and get it. But you just need to know what you get. At that point, the people that were selling it [the doctors and pharmacists], they didn’t know what they were giving. They had no idea. That was just wrong.”

She used her medical training and professional ethics to question vaccine efficacy, its effects on pregnant women, fertility, and long-term implications.

But publicly speaking and challenging the system provoked an investigation by the Medical Council with allegations of professional misconduct, threatening her career and her family’s future in New Zealand.  It would appear that doctors who dared to introduce contrary opinions were quickly muzzled before their informed opinions could spread.

“In the beginning, the complaints were about my claims being unsubstantial and I was speaking out of my scope of practice. But at the end, they decided that I actually was speaking within my scope of practice because I’m a pathologist. And pathology includes the study of Virology and Immunology. So maybe after all, I did know what I was talking about.”

In any community that upholds free speech, a dialogue like that would be expected and encouraged. Even more so in the scientific community where that forms the basis of good science. 

Even More Confusion

Dr. Bishop was also investigated for standing against discrimination of unvaccinated children in school. That charge was later dropped because she didn’t identify herself as a doctor when speaking to the school board. 

But in their letter, some startling revelations were made by the MCNZ Professional Conduct Committee:

“They said that the doctors are not obliged to agree with each other or government policy. That was news to me. I thought the whole idea was for the doctors to agree with the government policy, but yet in this letter in black and white, they say the doctors are not obliged to agree with government policy.”

Quiet Dismissal and Lack of Transparency

Eventually, the MCNZ quietly dismissed their complaints against her without informing her beforehand of the committee’s meeting date. Once they learnt she had left the country and never intended to work in NZ again, they wrapped up their investigation. 

“They just decided to send me a re-education letter about how to conduct myself.” 

Of Vital Importance

The story of Dr. Bishop serves as a powerful reminder that, in the face of oppressive mandates, we must fiercely protect our right to control our own medical destinies.

The right to choose or refuse treatment is a fundamental human right, and the erosion of such rights has profound consequences for both healthcare professionals and the patients they serve. 

You can hear the entire original interview with Dr. Elena Bishop on NewZealandDoc’s substack linked here.

Help us share the stories of our doctors worldwide! 

After all, it was declared a global pandemic and these stories create an impact across borders. 

We need your help to get to 10,000 shares on each social platform. Use the hashtag #stopthesilence and let’s drive awareness that it’s not over yet.


This article is part of a series on doctors silenced by health authorities in New Zealand.

War and Freedom: Dr. Rene de Monchy’s Perspective on Covid… via @nzdsos

When doctors are silenced,
people are harmed.

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  1. I feel for Dr BISHOP, I really want our nation to break the silence and expose this period of deception we have all been affected by, NZ see the example of NZDSOS and become the leaders we once were. We are a great Country, but we have been captured in the web of lies along with the rest of the world. Truth must be the weapon we use. NZDSOS I am with you. NZ Parliamentarians, you need to step up and be better than your status-quo.

  2. This is so contradictory.

    You’re telling us her story, saying you must stand up for your rights against a system that will leave you traumatised and push you out, even out of the country, especially if you have educated knowledge and professional status and can prove you are right that it makes logical sense.

    And then here sign a petition.

    Don’t stop fighting, even if it leaves you in a worse position economically, emotionally, mentally, physically and you know you will never win against medical mafia brutality.

    This does not make any sense.

    1. Agreed. Nor does it make sense to prolong a system which is so thoroughly deadly and money-based. When and if doctors do stand up it appears unlikely they will see the hypocrisy inherent in their learned belief system. Properly prescribed drugs are one of the top killers (if not THE top) in the US for example. The hypocrisy is staggering when all the correct pieces are in place. It’s as if they’re slowly, surely pushing out the good doctors first, to see what they do- if their conscience is capable of looking reality in the face.
      It’s a very awkward situation because they’ve been so comfortable for so long. They say the higher the social status, the more difficult it is to let it go.
      Do they prescribe themselves some sleeping pills for a few months to get through the trouble as an intellectual solution, or do they naturally stimulate melatonin production through meditation, and get to the truth that way?

    2. That depends on numbers. Like any war. If enough people choose to stand up and say no, real change occurs. But if the majority simply wring their hands but take no action, then the status quo will win

      Doing the right thing always makes sense.

      Whether action is taken or not, there is always a cost. The cost of compliance and the cost of defiance.

  3. “It is very wrong. And I believe it traumatized me for life.”

    It is worth underscoring that there are a legion of health professionals (not just ‘doctors’) in exactly the same position, or worse, financially impoverished as a result, and under far worse duress and enduring distress. This has been inflicted by all Boards and Councils under the HPCA Act. And now, to add insult to injury all of us, in addition to a significant number of the public, have no trust whatsoever in a farcical ‘medical’ system, largely presided and lauded over by ‘medical’ bureaucrats that now ordain the perverted delivery of health care based upon neo-Marxist critical race theory.
    These bodies abrogated their sacred and pre eminent responsibility to safe-guard ethics and “public safety,” which also includes the purview of their own professions. They unquestioningly went along with the NZ MOH, just to get along, terrified of confrontation, spineless and passive, and showing themselves incapable of ethics, research, in time learning, critical thought. Without hesitation, they should all be removed. They are utterly unfit for purpose.

  4. DearDr Elena Bishop and NZDSOS,
    What a great thing to have another medical health expert available to heal our people here in New Zealand.
    What kind of sick person would disallow a medical expert in NZ.?
    Glad my Dad (who was a doctor has passed now ) because he would have been horrified…
    Of all the people here in New Zealand are so needed are DOCTORS_

    perhaps they’re trying to stop people being able to have a doctor to heal – but no, it’s just a Jacinda joke but I don’t consider it funny , especially if you’re the person dying..kindest regards

  5. I am always amazed that medical professional take a defensive stance against medical boards, or whoever sends the notice of complaint. If you immediately threatened to sue the sender, for, say, 10 million dollars, for defamation, that would put the cat among the pigeons. After all, they are claiming that you are incompetent, and most doctors have far more experience than any single person in the medical boards.
    And I am sure that a solicitors letter does not cost much.

  6. This has all the hallmarks of a dictatorial state and nothing like what you’d expect of a democratic country where freedom of speech and choice is embedded.
    It is hard to believe just what has happened during this dark time in NZ, but what can be done about it seems all the more harder to understand other than to join those brave enough to speak out.

  7. Dr. Bishop has a not unique, and correct view of the
    Fraud that is/was Covid. I speak as a trained physician of
    thirty years and served on ethics committees for years.

    The nameless workers at the NZ Medical Council needs to take a lesson from all this.
    Gagging your colleagues might result in an insurrection at worst,
    or a lack of physicians wanting to work in NZ at best.

  8. “But in their letter, some startling revelations were made by the MCNZ Professional Conduct Committee:
    “They said that the doctors are not obliged to agree with each other or government policy. “
    Great to mention who the letter was written by and not enough. Most stubborn people need better references. How about giving us the exact link? That will have some more convincing weight!

  9. Extremely sad – especially the way propagandised colleagues treated her. And we’re still very short of workers in the health service because of the banning.

  10. Why am I not surprised by this ghastly treatment of an honest doctor just doing her job? I wish her and you hard working doctors all the best. May the day come when we have real medicine!

  11. The whole thing was so coordinated. The big company I work said right up front that pretty much everyone’s job (>10,000 employees) was high risk because we may come into contact with other people (nothing to do with the actual virus, the disease, and that working from home wasn’t an option. Why state that up front? Because it was coercion and personal choice couldn’t be tolerated. Despite running “get your mates vaccinated” competitions (with prizes) and preaching “diversity and inclusion”, those who didn’t want the vaccine were treated appallingly. So much for “bring your whole self to work” and “we are all whanau”.

  12. This vile government and its hatred of human rights need to go. We also need to be careful not to elect a equally bad proxy in its place.

  13. Shame on all the doctors and nurses who have not stood up for, at the very least, patients fundamental right to say no. They could have stopped this madness from the beginning had tgey supported each other. I don’t know how they sleep at night knowing full well this scam jabb has caused their patients irreversible harm.

  14. I just can’t get my head around how any doctor could participate in this heinous crime. They have been exposed as utterly spineless conspirators and absolutely must be held accountable for their part. Saying they had no choice because they didn’t want to lose their careers or had bills to pay was never a valid reason to take part in a global eugenics plan. In their silent and weak compliance, they’ve set many other sinister balls rolling. Who knows if humanity will survive. I am deeply grateful to NZDSOS (and every single person willing to rail against this tyranny) for standing fiercely in truth. Hopefully we can create an entirely new paradigm and escape this evil plan unfolding around us.

  15. New Zealand has a problem – and to a large degree it’s the people.
    The Govt spread the ‘fear’, then gave the ‘people’ what they wanted – mandates, then separation from those who demanded it – your friends and neighbours, the people you live amongst.
    It was a ‘them and us’ scenario which Jacinda honed when she confiscated the guns and by the time Covid arrived she had it perfected.
    I’m retired and non-jabbed – and there are still those who won’t talk to me, so I feel for those who have lost their jobs and livelihoods through mandates and paranoia driven by the “One Voice of Truth”. We are not the “River of Filth” as described by Ex-Minister Michael Wood when he watched the ‘protesters’ march on Parliament – we are simply people with a different point of view.

  16. Why has nobody the strategic sense (backed up with thousands of signatures) to confront Luxon with a list of questions to be satisfactorily answered before any vote goes to National. Nr 1: What is your opinion of WEF? Any connection? Many more questions will flow from there……
    and must be answered, otherwise it would be just a formality for a sponsored infiltrator coming from overseas to turn our Beehive into a cuckoo’s nest. It’s because of never having been occupied by foreign forces that we have become sleepy and unsuspecting. Something that costs us dearly now. It’s one minute to midnight, and if after 3 yrs of tyranny we still haven’t learnt how to stand up for ourselves, slavery will be our future. Suicide exists in different ways; petitions are one of them. It shows a dictator you’re done……Are we?

  17. We have seen hints of this tyranny of the medical establishment for decades .People being refused alternative treatments even if they were at deaths door in IC. I have always been interested in naturopathy and had to tolerate ridicule , lies written in my medical notes and threats from doctors because of my alternative views. But the extreme and draconian measures taken by the establishment and government recently is very frightening. I am scared now to go near doctors since they are prepared to have people die from vaccines rather than challenge the narrative of gene therapy, which is completely experimental. There are many jobs in alternative sectors for health professionals and much pharmaceutical drug taking has well researched alternatives. None of my family take prescribed drugs . Best of luck Dr Bishop.

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