An Injection of Truth: Floodlights Shine on Canada’s Covid Crimes

Injection of Truth Covid Crimes Canada
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An Injection of Truth was a town hall event held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on 17 June 2024. An all-star cast of eight scientists, doctors and a lawyer, each spoke of their personal experiences and professional knowledge to a large audience with online streaming also available. A replay of the four hour event is available here.

The event was hosted by the United Conservative Party of Alberta, whose leader Danielle Smith is the current Premier of Alberta. This naturally attracted ire from opposition leaders such as Rachel Notley, misquoting evidence given at the event. Despite this bipartisan animosity and the aggressive suppression of the doctors and scientists presenting, the event almost exclusively focused on evidence against the pharmaceutical products sold as “vaccines” to the people of Canada, and the world.

The first medical speaker was Dr Eric Payne, a paediatric neurologist with a Master of Public Health from Harvard University. He lost his job briefly, due to the vaccine mandates and is a member of NZDSOS’ counterpart, Canadian Covid Care Alliance. Dr Payne presented on the scientific fatal flaws of the arguments for injecting children with the experimental genetic injections and the conflicts of interest which seem to explain the dishonest messaging from proponents of childhood covid vaccination.

The second keynote speaker is Dr David Speicher, a microbiologist who has personally investigated the contents of 38 vials of mRNA injectables, detecting DNA contamination in all of them. He describes his work, the risks associated with DNA contamination, as well as the aggressive censorship and silencing that he and his colleagues have faced. Dr Speicher works closely with US geneticist Kevin McKernan, who explains well the issue of peer review replacing the gold standard of reproducibility. DNA contamination has been reproduced multiple times (including recently in vaccine vials from Australia) by multiple teams of scientists and the concerns have been detailed.

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Dr Byram Bridle, Associate Professor of Viral Immunology and Cancer Biology at Guelph University, speaks on primary scientific data relating to the covid response and specifically mRNA harms, and the bullying that scientists face today to comply with scientific malfeasance. Dr Bridle recently joined the International Fellowship Program at Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC).

The fourth keynote speaker is Dr Mark Trozzi, Emergency Physician who spent the spare hours of the pandemic in his empty Emergency Department researching the pandemic response and realising the dangers afoot. Despite already resigning from his position as a refusal to comply with harmful practices, Dr Trozzi had his medical license revoked by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO), which we wrote about at the end of 2022. He continues to provide scientific evidence and discuss suppression of information at his blog and he is an active member of the World Council for Health.

The injection of truth from Emergency Medicine and Family Practice physician, Dr Chris Shoemaker includes a clip from his May 2024 interview with Laura Lynn on the damage that occurs to heart muscle even in mRNA injection recipients without symptoms. He also shares another clip of his stand at Old Toronto City Hall in September 2022 with Dan Hartman, whose 17 year old son Eric died following a Pfizer injection, before talking on the lies told about ivermectin. He calls for a ban of all covid spike protein mRNA shots immediately; and the regular availability of ivermectin in all pharmacies.

It is hard not to view Dr William Makis as the star of the show, given his courage against corruption which began long before the covid crimes. He focuses on the organised crimes of medical regulators such as the Canadian Medical Association and Alberta Medical Association and advocates for parents who try to share stories of vaccine injured children in an atmosphere of information suppression, and highlights the terrible harms occurring to population health. Dr Makis hits close to the bone, which is why Alberta Health Services have already spent over $5 million in legal fees attempting to silence him. He is the epitome of all doctors targeted by organised crime gangs presenting as valid authorities. He challenges all doctors still pushing the covid injectable products onto children and pregnant women to an open debate, and provides irrefutable evidence of harms including a recently peer reviewed article which he co-authored, A Systematic REVIEW of Autopsy findings in deaths after covid-19 vaccination.

Dr Jessica Rose, Immunologist and Computational Biologist, presents on Does Science Support Banning of Modified mRNA LNP-Based Products? Her evidence includes Pfizer’s own clinical trial data, highlighting their corruption and outlining the red flags being seen in VAERS including cancer, linking signals of harm to the known mechanisms including via DNA contamination. She calls for a recall of the injectable products and reminds people that noone can make us take a product if we don’t want it – which is important to remember “when this happens again, and I promise you it’s going to happen again“, as well as helping the vaccine injured, demanding accountability for those responsible for the harms, and protecting personal and national sovereignty including an exit from the World Health Organization.

The final Injection of Truth keynote speaker is barrister, Jeff Rath, whose company are involved in two class action lawsuits: protecting the rights of business owners who were illegally shut down during the pandemic, and representing Carrie Sakamoto, severely injured after following negligent advice from politicians about product safety. He shows evidence from Pfizer’s trials that the vaccines were going to kill many more children than they would protect, demonstrating the lies told by politicians such as Deena Hinshaw, such as claiming that a child with Stage 4 cancer died of covid. He calls this a form of terrorism to convince parents to have their children injected.

The final 50 minutes of An Injection of Truth is a roundtable discussion with the keynote speakers, outlining further the crimes that have taken place and the ways that Canada (and the world) can move forward in truth and integrity. We highly recommend the full four hour event.

Watch: An Injection of Truth, Covid Crimes – Calgary, Alberta, 17 June 2024

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