A Prescription and Questions for Our Stressed Out Colleagues – We Cry Too

We understand that you are stressed. We too have worked in General Practice under challenging circumstances. It goes without saying that the last two years have offered unique challenges for all of us and we have often gone home and cried too. Sometimes we cried with patients who were injured and couldn’t work and sometimes we cried ourselves to sleep at what had become of our country.

Most of us at NZDSOS, had expanded our practices out to include integrative, personalised and lifestyle medicine. This helped somewhat with being stressed as we had so much more in our tool box to offer “difficult” patients. We have also had to find ways of keeping ourselves healthy, despite being stressed. We share these in openness and without judgement.

The video at the end contains some genuine questions that we have for you. Please feel free to engage. All welcome.

A Prescription for our Stressed-Out Colleagues

  1. Take a week off. Step back from the coalface and give yourself time to think and assess the situation.
  2. Take off your mask. It will allow you to breathe fresh oxygenated air again and get rid of your waste products properly then you will be able to think clearly.
  3. Read “A State of Fear” by Laura Dodsworth and you will understand why you and your patients are fearful. You have been manipulated by clever behavioural psychologists.
  4. Consider trusting your immune system. When looked after, the immune system has stood humans in good stead since the dawn of time.
  5. Stop testing people unnecessarily and treat the patient not the test result. Treat your patients as real human beings not just potential germ-infested carriers of disease and they’ll be much nicer to interact with.
  6. Listen to your patients. Many of them know a lot more about Covid 19 and what is really going on than you do.
  7. Before you have your 4th injection, have a look at what the conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers are saying just to reassure yourself you are doing the right thing.
  8. Contemplate whether those funding General Practice actually value and respect you or consider whether they want your business to go the way of other small and medium businesses in NZ – i.e. down the gurgler?
  9. Learn about the substantial power of nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management to prevent and treat disease and start creating health in your patients and yourselves.
  10. Reflect on why you were so comfortable casting aside colleagues who thought differently to you. They could have been beside you now lightening your load.
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