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NZDSOS Response to the Burnett Foundation’s Panic Stricken Letter to the Government

The Burnett Foundation (formerly the New Zealand AIDS Foundation) has written a panic stricken, almost hysterical letter calling for immediate action from the government about a supposed new infectious threat, aka Monkeypox (MPX). Predictably so, the government seems to be taking it very seriously and with a sense of deju-vu we wonder what this new ‘panic-demic’ may have in stall for us all.

On 4th August 2022, The Ministry of Health had a media briefing with the latest information on Monkeypox (MPX) and from the gist of it we can rest assured that our trusty New Zealand government and Pharmac have been working on vaccines, so watch this space.

The Burnett Foundation’s convoluted, repetitive and emotive letter calls the Monkeypox (MPX) situation in New Zealand a “public health emergency” and kindly offer their call to action tips and thoughtful recommendations to the government.

Why would the government be taking the lead from the Burnett Foundation with their big, red, urgent, pox-like exclamation marks, especially when it (the government) has repeatedly ignored the serious concerns of a group of highly qualified and experienced doctors, scientists and other health care professionals over adverse effects from the Pfizer vaccine?

As we well remember, one of the more disturbing aspects of the last couple of years and the (first?) panic-demic was the suppression of views, all dissenting information was labelled ‘misinformation’, the lack of robust discussion, instead we were subject to government daily briefings which were instructed to be our sole source of truth. NZDSOS encourage all New Zealanders to research and learn more about Monkeypox (MPX) see our three-part post here as a good starting point.

Stay calm and breathe New Zealand, we’ve been here before and are certainly all the more wiser because of that.

Read the Press Release: NZDSOS Response to the Burnett Foundation’s Panic Stricken Letter to the Government

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