Health and Disability Commissioner Falls From Her Tightrope

Health and Disability Commissioner
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Health and Disability Commissioner Morag McDowell has released her report into the place, or not, of informed consent in the death of Rory Nairn, a 26 year old Dunedin man who died from post-jab myocarditis in November 2021.

Our close and valued colleagues, Drs Manny Garcia and Guy Hatchard, both have released commentaries already, and they sum up the glaring issues very well. Both experienced professionals, they spot immediately the irony of McDowell upholding Rory’s right to have been properly informed before consenting to the injection, whilst previously having pursued conscientious practitioners who tried to do exactly that for their own patients, and the country they serve, by filling in raging information gaps.

In his substack article, Dr Garcia states:

The full decision is a curious and smug piece of legerdemain on the part of McDowell, that seeks at once to cover all bases, and by so covering, to dissipate any real culpability. On the one hand, the Commissioner feels that practitioners are obliged to exercise their own critical judgment in providing appropriate warnings and advice to those who have engaged them, and on the other hand she merely slaps the wrist of the Ministry of Health for not issuing firm and specific guidance about myocarditis in the midst of the public health crisis.

We are studying her substantive findings, but the press release summary that preceded the much-awaited report (commissioned by the Dunedin Coroner) makes interesting reading. 

In effect the HDC Commissioner lightly scolds the hapless pharmacist involved, but then absolves her due to the “unprecedented global pandemic”, which – like the mantra-without-truth of “safe and effective” – is a giant lie even Joseph Goebbels would have been proud of. What was unprecedented were the lies about the fatality rate, the use of testing to define a case, the removal of proven and reliable treatments for the illness itself, the fraudulent jab approval process, the scale of jab side effects and the resultant cover-up, and the persecution of doctors for calling all this out. 

By the way, Goebbels was Adolf Hitler’s propaganda chief, for those suffering from modern education. He said that to convince the German people of a lie, it should be huge and told repeatedly. But by March 2020 the governments of the UK and the US had quietly downgraded their responses towards (a more truthful) influenza level concern – no unprecedented nonsense for them – all while the WHO and its global business partners were readying the world for a mass jab campaign. And some of the main architects of the covid bioweapon are being exposed in congressional testimony as we speak – Fauci, Peter Daszak, Ralph Baric.

Stop Shooting The Messengers

NZDSOS has informed Morag McDowell of many of the jab risks right from the start, and we asked for dialogue to discuss medical ethics. Instead she started going for us, and her staff were calling for members of the public, who were scared that they might not get their jabs because of our questioning, to make further complaints to the HDC. Now though, not just injured and bereaved people have her report’s clear precedent to follow, but shouldn’t every single vaccinated person who wasn’t warned of risk of death and serious injury complain to the HDC also? 

We should mention the long awaited (mythical?) NZ MoH myocarditis study that ought to add to the canon of information for the consenting process. From over a thousand cases of a “vanishingly rare” side effect, they just had to choose a few hundred and see how they were after a few months from diagnosis. No news is bad news, we say. At least the CDC released the comms (under FOIA) about its own awaited version, though every page was fully redacted! Nothing to see here, literally. 

Of course McDowell was always going to have to find that Rory was not properly informed of myocarditis, but she neglects the coercion aspect that negates fully informed consent freely given (or freely withheld, a pivotal human right). Without such pressure he would surely be alive still. Being from an aware and concerned family, he only got jabbed to be able to attend his own wedding. 

Further, her press release indulges in some victim blaming in an attempt to deflect. It claims that he had symptoms soon after his first jab, he complained but essentially kept ignoring them when he should have gone to the hospital. By extension, the report ropes his family into culpability, too. However, they have maintained a different story, that he was not ill until the night he died, and had not told them anything was wrong after his injection on November 5th 2021. An interim MOH report about Rory, and two other deaths, contained this error too, which was left in despite Rory’s parents asking this be corrected. 

“A-tishoo, they all fall down…”

Ms McDowell, a trained lawyer, has been a coroner and worked for Crown Law for many years. It has been hard to watch every single item of the HDC Code dismantled during the time of covid, and we can only assume she was scared witless by the early fear-mongering, as admittedly state-of-the-art as it was. Nevertheless, she has statutory obligation to be a sentinel guardian for health consumers, whether during an “unprecedented global health pandemic” or not, and Rory’s family, and many others, are entitled to feel let down by what looks like a mass abandonment of senses and duty by much of Wellington’s bureaucracy. Many government employees would say “How could we have refused? We were told terror was coming, and the mRNA platform was our salvation”.  We ask how they can be still blind to the consequences of those deceptions? Mark Twain, author of the 1884 novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn has an answer: “It is far easier to fool a man than convince him he has been fooled”. 

Wellington would be wise to consider a quote from Huck himself:“it ain’t what we don’t know that hurts us so, but what we think we know that just ain’t so”. 

We are struck by how many judges and lawyers say they are not trained scientists, and that their courtrooms and chambers are not the place to test the merits of government science policy. But they sure make up their minds on issues like chemical fluoridation and genetic injections using some basis or other, and then hang on grimly to these received beliefs, coloured as they are by entrenched error, virtue signaling and industry lobbying. Perhaps they shouldn’t take all the blame.  Dr Hatchard’s article finishes with his oft repeated warning:

 “At the root of the absolute refusal of the NZ medical establishment to acknowledge the failings and extent of the problems associated with mRNA vaccines is an appalling ignorance of the ABCs of the risk and safety profile of genetic interventions.”

In criminal law there is a “but for” test, used when assessing culpable actions. It is hard not to wonder how many doctors would have stood up at the start and  prevented such loss of life as Rory’s but for Ms McDowell’s publicly declared partnership with then Medical Council chair Dr Curtis Walker to root out and punish ‘antivaccine disinformation’.

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  1. More solid and good work from NZDSOS> We can be truly grateful for you few Doctors who have arrived to support reality and proper analysis. Most of your associates in practice are disgraceful puppets. The New Zealand and Western Medical establishment disintegrates from its purpose and reason as fast as it can. Many of us despise this establishment now. We look to the future where we have a health profession. a good starting point has been NZDSOS, and we thank you for your sacrifices for us. Paul Scott

  2. A very much appreciated article. In this so called enlightened age [ ?] how can this still be going on ? It seems obvious that the MSM and the medical profession { except for NZDSOS and a few brave professionals ] are not going to get their heads out of the sand. The ball now rests ,surely, at the feet of the coalition govt and the PM and his Ministers of Health… to stand up and say/ declare its time to stop hiding the truth of everything pertaining to the pandemic, vaccine , virus, mrna….. I cant see how NZ can really move on until the political will is there to resolve ALL that has been done to the population of this country over the past four years or so. NO POLITICAL WILL EQUALS NO SETTLING THE PAIN OF ALL THOSE ADVERSELY AFFECTED ! And encompasses nearly, i guess, most of the people of NZ.

  3. The colourful language in your articles is decidedly entertaining. The gem de la gem here being, “those suffering from modern education”.

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