2nd Approach to Police Commissioner Asking for an Urgent Investigation Into Harms & Deaths

Open Letter to MPs

We would love to be told that we are wrong. Following the open letter to Police Commissioner, Andrew Coster by New Zealand Lawyers Speaking Out with Science (NZLSOS), NZDSOS engaged a barrister to write directly to Mr Coster requesting a full investigation into possible harms following the Comirnaty injection. We provided Mr Coster with 150 names out of over 400 that had been reported to have died within one month of receipt of the Covid-19 Comirnaty injection. Many died within one day of receipt of this product. The names of those who died have been removed from the letter posted here.

We point to the hundreds of deaths temporally associated with the injection, under reporting by Medsafe and the experimental nature of Comirnaty. We suggest that these early warning signs should have led to the halting of the injection roll-out until any association of this product and adverse events was investigated. NZDSOS also contend that deaths and harms are likely being under-reported and that there is more than enough information to halt the use of Comirnaty while an investigation is undertaken.

We gave Mr Coster five days within which to respond.

Read: Barrister’s Letter to Police Commissioner Andrew Coster

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