Pandemics Data and Analytics: The WHO Review and Why It Matters To You

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Pandemics Data and Analytics (PANDA) are an international collaboration of public health expertise and one of NZDSOS’ global alliances. As well as working on high level public health projects such as evaluating scientific evidence, they offer sound public health information in response to the increasingly questionable performance of World Health Organisation.

An excellent example of the quality of work produced at PANDA, is The WHO Review and Why It Matters To You. Published in June 2022, this document offers clarity on issues which have become contentious due to confusing and dishonest messaging of what are basic public health concepts.

The review starts with a synopsis of fundamental public health principles including health and health sovereignty, upon which all public health work is based, and WHO’s own constitution and pandemic plans.

Public Health Pandemic Principles

Part II of the document discusses a range of erroneous messages that were promoted to the public by the World Health Organisation in order to encourage fear and influence compliance. Part III offers a comparison between the pandemic measures which were used, and those which would have followed established public health practices. Finally, Part IV examines the organisational structure, funding influences and possible motivations behind the WHO pandemic response. In conclusion, the role we can all play in demanding accountability from WHO and regaining control of our own sovereignty is outlined.

It is a must read by anyone who is interested in public health, the global COVID-19 WHO policies – that almost all nations followed, and the full extent of the corruption by WHO/global leaders and governments. The review also lists out what should have been done instead.


Interestingly, at a time when WHO continue to call for suppression of free speech, the author of The WHO Review, Abir Ballan notes that two of her four social media accounts are currently suspended. Ballan holds three tertiary qualifications including a Master of Public Health and her time with PANDA is entirely voluntary and unpaid. More than qualified to speak on public health, she uses social media to promote sound public health messages.

We recommend questioning where the most “misinformation” and “disinformation” comes from in regards to public health and pandemic response. PANDA’s concise and well supported review suggests that WHO have no rightful place as arbitrators of infringements on speech, and likely have self-serving motivations to silence dissent.

We highly recommend the 2016 documentary trustWHO by German filmmaker Lilian Franck, who exposed widespread corruption and funding conflicts of interest within WHO prior to the 2020 announcement of the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr Joseph Mercola wrote this critique of the trustWHO documentary in September 2021.

Watch: trustWHO

Pandemics – Data & Analytics:
The WHO Review and Why It Matters To You

Download and read the WHO Review here.

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