Sick and Tired FI

Sick and Tired: A Message to Our Colleagues

Sick and Tired

Hawkes Bay Nurses Are Sick and Tired

The cover of this magazine caught our attention recently.  The picture says it all.  HB nurses are sick and tired.  It is no wonder that someone wearing all that PPE would be sick and tired.  Hair cap, goggles, mask and face shield all obstructing vital bodily functions – for the past three years!

The nurses dressed like this can’t breathe.  They will be low in oxygen and high in carbon dioxide and are rebreathing their own waste products, and the microplastics and chemicals in the PPE.  They can’t see each others’ smiles and will not be functioning at all optimally.  We’re not surprised they are sick and tired.

Surely the message being portrayed is that the vaccines they have taken don’t work?  A much better advertisement for an effective vaccine would be bare smiling faces, demonstrating tru​​​​​​​st in vaccine-induced immunity.  How many vaccines will be needed before they feel sufficiently ‘protected’ to drop this performance?

Well, more and more of the public are refusing the latest jabs, so we only hope this (scientifically valid) instinct for self-preservation extends to health care workers too.

We urge the nurses to use their common sense, breathe fresh air again and give their immune systems a fighting chance.

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