Therapeutic Products Bill – Save our Supplements by Making an Objection Before 15 Feb 2023

Therapeutic Products Bill
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Therapeutic Products Bill

Let’s tell PM Chris Hipkins we are not standing for the Therapeutic Products Bill. It is easier than you may think to lodge an objection and very easy to sign a petition. What would happen if we could get a million people to say: No, we don’t want Natural Health Products regulated? We urge Kiwis to join together, putting aside our differences, which in the whole scheme of things is tiny. We all want health and happiness for ourselves and future generations.

For more information on how the government wants to restrict your access to common foods, plants and supplements see:

1. Dr. Guy Hatchard’s easy to read article here.

2. Jodie Bruning’s article on her substack here. Therapeutic Products Bill: Labyrinthine & unaccountable as it exits the starting gate? (

3. The Therapeutic Bill itself here (if you want to indulge in some light reading) Therapeutic Products Bill – New Zealand Parliament (

4. Barbara Roberts’ blog page with specific information on relevant clauses here Barbara Roberts, Homeopath (

5. Gary Moller’s Therapeutic Bill suggestions and example here: Therapeutic Products Bill: Natural Health Practitioners (

Rejecting the Therapeutic Products Bill

There are two easy ways you can add your name to the increasing number of people who are saying no without leaving the couch!

1. Make an Objection on the Submissions Page

Words are important. Stating that we are objecting rather than submitting reminds MPs that they works for us and we do not submit to them.

Making an objection might sound scary, but it is not. We’ll walk you through it.

1. Go to this webpage and start filling out your details. For those fired up you can request to make a statement in person but this is not compulsory.

2. Add your objection. This can be either uploaded as a document or typed directly of the webpage.

3. Then simply click/press done!

Here are some hints about making a submission.

MPs are people too and they don’t like to read through screeds of evidence or hear your life story. They won’t react well to you denigrating them either. Keep it short and to the point. Here is an example for you to go through. Underneath that are some further options you can add or use as a guide when writing your submission. 

  • Keep it short and to the point.
  • Make it personal but not long-winded
  • State what you want. You do not need to justify yourself. MPs work for us.

Useful comments you can add.

  • We don’t want natural health products regulated. Who really benefits?
  • Natural health products are much, much safer than many (over-the-counter) pharmaceutical medications.
  • We trust our own bodies and know what they need.
  • Access to natural health supplements takes pressure off the New Zealand health system by helping people to stay well.
  • At least 50% of New Zealanders use supplements.
  • As Maori, we have a right to easily access Rongoa, our traditional medicine.
  • New Zealand boasts many people from diverse backgrounds. We all demand access to traditional medicine that has been used for centuries, whether it be Traditional Chinese Medicine or Traditional Western Herbal Medicine and everything in between.
Here is an example letter which you can use to help structure your opposition to the Therapeutics Bill. This example is long but gives you an idea of how to begin your objection.
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