Questioning the New Zealand Government Covid-19 Response: Expanded Inquiry Seeks Your Input

Covid-19 Response Inquiry Expanding
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Post election the leader of NZ political party (and likely new government coalition partner) ACT, David Seymour, has said he would like to expand the Terms of Reference of the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the COVID-19 response and also ask the public which questions they would like to see addressed and answered.  Winston Peters also campaigned on a broader public inquiry.  This is encouraging and we are keen to see this occur very quickly.

In our opinion there has been so much harm caused by the government’s COVID-19 response, supported by all parliamentarians, that it is hard to know where to begin to unpack it.

And until the response is examined and accounted for, with a promise never to harm the population in such a way again, there is a large chunk of the population who will not trust any elected official.

However, we think the most important issue to address first is the extent of harm caused by the covid vaccine.  While this is being determined, the vaccination rollout should be halted.

Other questions regarding the COVID-19 response that we would like addressed include:
  • How did the Medsafe approval process work, and why was a very different product then given to the population?
  • Who were the members of the Medicines Assessment Advisory Committee that approved the vaccine, after Medsafe wouldn’t?
  • Was a Bill of Rights Act (BORA) assessment of vaccine mandates carried out and if so, what was the science behind the ‘reasonable and demonstrably justified limitation’ on our right to decline medical treatment?
  • Why was the product not declared to be a genetically modified biological therapy, and assessed accordingly?
  • Why was the advice by government scientists to give children just one dose, and not to mandate them, ignored?
  • Why was the public messaging of ‘safe and effective’ so different from the Pfizer clinical trial data, and its documents showing immediate reports of substantial harm, both in Medsafe’s possession?
  • What or who gave the MCNZ authority to threaten and silence doctors and restrict their ability to prescribe safe and long-approved medications, whilst forcing brand new genetic technology with no safety data on the population, and prohibiting doctors from discussing the risks?
  • Was any health-related risk-benefit assessment of lockdowns, social distancing, masks, business closures etc. ever considered or undertaken?
  • Is the Pfizer vaccine distributed in NZ contaminated with DNA and if so, how did it get through the approval process?

We will have many more questions and we encourage you to think of the questions you would like to be covered by this inquiry.

We believe an independent and frank inquiry will find that reckless officials were induced to play Russian roulette with the nation’s health, and it has been a disaster, which was on the cards since the start. Knowing this, they have ploughed on, either knowingly, willfully blind or too terrified to stop. So we (the people of NZ) must order them to cease and desist immediately.

Covid-19 response
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  1. The sooner people stop calling them ‘vaccines’ and address what they really are,a bioweapon to facilitate population reduction,the better.

  2. I remember reading in the March ( i think) 2020 NZ Listener that the new Corona virus was really only a problem for those with existing comorbidities and those over 80 years and that 99.04 percent of people were ok with it – if the NZ Listener had that information at that time , then so did the NZ government and health department – at one stage WHO almost withdrew it from being classified as a pandemic but realised countries were already doing lockdowns so left it as it was.
    I would like a forensic accountant to go through the finances of the likes of Jabcinda, Doomfeild, Wiles, Baker etc and see how much Pfizer bribed them to sell their product.

  3. I personally know so many people affected by this poison and 2 who have died. My number one worry is my 17 year old granddaughter’s group of freinds in Christchurch – my granddaughter is unjabbed – all her freinds are jabbed.
    Many of them are on antidepressants and she says a lot of them are talking about suicide – when she told me this i was alarmed and very next morning it came through on my computer that in America the jab destroys the microbes in the gut that help the body produce seritonin – i can only assume that is probably correct and possibly what has happened to her freinds ?
    i asked my 19 year old grandson if any of his mates had side effects with the jab – no Nanna he says – they only had trouble breathing and chest pains but no sickness – i am absolutely horrified. My grandson won a $5,000 scholarship for tertiary but had to get jabbed to go – told him its not worth it so he is loading palettes with fruit for a job. How many teens had their dreams ruined by that odious vile woman they now call a dame.

  4. I lost my beautiful mum at almost 78 in April, she went to Christchurch hospital with breathing issues. Two covid tests were negative but we were told it showed up in her blood tests she had ‘covid pneumonia’. She wasn’t jabbed with this deadly jab but was given Remdesivir, midazolam, codeine, antibiotics, morphine yet wasn’t in pain as she was asked multiple times about pain. She was put on a nebuliser and her breathing improved, and also Ventolin. She tried to climb out of bed disoriented. so they drugged her up more and then it was a steady decline less than two days in hospital she passed away. I feel she was targeted because she wasn’t jabbed. Nineteen of us were with her at her passing, a nurse warned us that a big number would come down with covid. No one did. I would like to know numbers of others this has happened to. Mum was murdered and my sister and I haven’t been able to grieve because we are angry, and still shell shocked 6 mths later.

  5. Need studies done on outcomes for jabbed versus unjabbed, bearing in mind that people were not counted as jabbed untill 2 weeks after. For example, the narative is that covid itself is responsible for the long term effects that are being seen. A statistical study like this would help to pinpoint in whom the majority of these effects are being seen.

  6. There was a clear globalist agenda behind it all and seeing as ALL politicians are in their pockets, I don’t know what you hope to achieve! Seems to me you are trying to somehow regain what appeared to be a reasonable political system before but you clearly have not woken up to the fact yet that all of it has been a farce, a stage play for the world to see and swallow. The globalists have been planning this takeover of the world for the past almost 2 centuries. All politicians are freemasons and are a part of the problem as they just do as they’re told by their masters the globalists. These masons also control the Police, the entire judicial system and of course all politics and big business. If any of you play by their rules you will never get anywhere and are wasting not only your time but everybody else’s time as well!

  7. My life and enjoyment of life have been destroyed at the hands of Pfizer and this deceitful government. I was an exceptionally healthy man. My nose and sinuses have been destroyed. I get little sleep at night. Still, I must get up and go to work, while others in this country are paid by the government to stay in hotels and not have to work. I wish to see the truth prevail and the real criminals brought to justice.

  8. Why were people told ‘its your choice’ then ‘must have jab or no job’ This is contradictory you havnt a choice if you need your job – most people do. Same as having a gun pointed at you and in alot of cases same result – they are dead. Accountability is what people want to see bring them to justice.

  9. My concern has always been about vaccinated people being added to donate blood and whether this blood is contaminated. Now we are learning about the contamination in the mRNA injections as well. Surely there needs to be a mechanism in place to protect against people receiving contaminated blood.

  10. So, since …”we (the people of NZ )must order them to cease and desist immediately”, could we back up this statement with signed petitions, from ‘we the people of NZ’?
    Barbara Knill
    Phil Given

  11. When someone acts illogically it is usually due to fear or greed, therefore the key decision makers’ communications with third parties and their personal finances should also be investigated for evidence of bribery or blackmail.

  12. There needs to be a full commission of enquiry into the Covid virus and the vaxines used. A proper enquiry conducted with and presided over with total transparency, total honesty and integrity, with real evidence, facts and testimony admitted into the enquiry, and lies and deceit removed from the enquiry. This enquiry must be across the whole spectrum of what happened, including lockdowns, citizens forced to have the vaxines or lose their livelihood, and on the vaxines used. Were the vaxines used ever proven to be safe and that they actually worked? Were the vaxines ever exposed to proper, completely independant peer reviewed scrutiny? How did the virus obtain gain of function, who funded it and with what money. And who was behind this virus and what were their goals and aspirations.

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