The 2022 Death of Divya Simon. Cause of Death – Heart Attack. Circumstances – Irrelevant

Divya Simon Coroner Update
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Pathologistdoctor who performs a post-mortem and looks at tissues under a microscope in order to determine cause of death or disease.

Coroner lawyer who investigates deaths – cause and circumstances.

The Death of Divya Simon

An article in the NZ Herald recently discussed one of the many sudden deaths that have no doubt contributed to NZ’s record excess mortality.  The article focused more on the perceived failings of the St John’s Ambulance service than the elephant in the room.  

Divya Simon, a 31-year-old rest home nurse, a wife and a mother of two young children would have been mandated to be vaccinated against covid 19 in order to work.  She may have been happy to take it or she may have been coerced.

With a new openness, the article actually mentions the elephant but then goes on to dismiss it.  Divya ‘had had her third booster vaccine’ 4 days prior to her massive heart attack. Being 25 Jan 2022 that was presumably her 3rd dose of vaccine.  She had to take the next day off work because she felt unwell and complained of pain in the L side of her neck and shoulder (symptoms consistent with a heart attack).  She worked a night shift on 28 Jan then slept before waking later that afternoon and experiencing dizziness and chest pains.  Soon after she suffered a cardiac arrest.

Divya’s husband did CPR until an ambulance arrived nearly half an hour later and she was taken to ICU where she died the next day.  Note, the ambulance service is understaffed and overworked – too many staff off sick post mandatory vaccination on top of those mandated out, and too many sudden unexpected collapses, medical events and deaths occurring in the community.

Divya’s death was referred to the coroner for investigation as she had no history of cardiac disease and had no reason to have a sudden heart attack.

It is important to note that prior to the deployment of the Pfizer injection it was EXTREMELY RARE for healthy young women to suffer heart attacks, and even those with co-morbidities such as obesity, diabetes or smoking would be highly unlikely to have a heart attack at the young age of 31.

An angiogram ‘was unable to determine the cause of the cardiac arrest’ presumably means she did not have any significant coronary artery or vascular disease.

However, the pathologist apparently told the coroner her death was most likely related to an ‘underlying weakness of the coronary arteries’.  Without seeing the pathologist’s report, it is difficult to know what this actually means.  Were they aneurysmal, had they ruptured, was there actually anything abnormal detected, or was this just a ‘diagnosis’ used to fill in the paperwork?

Her death was referred to the Cardiac Inherited Disease Group – to look for a unicorn?  This group must be getting an awful lot of work if every sudden, unexpected death is getting referred to them.  We can but hope that they are conscientious enough to consider that some people may have an underlying vulnerability to spike protein, mRNA and lipid nanoparticles and turn their research to those areas.

The coroner, Luella Dunn, (spelling as per Herald article, apologies if incorrect) a lawyer, not a doctor, advised that the pathologist found no evidence to suggest the vaccine contributed in any way to her death. What evidence exactly was the pathologist looking for? Were any tissues stained for spike protein, was there vascular inflammation, blood clots, myocarditis?  We have been unable to get a clear, or even any sort of answer, to this question from our authorities. What if they are not actually looking for anything?  After all, if you don’t look, you won’t find.

The facts of the matter (as presented in the newspaper article) is that here is a healthy young woman with no underlying medical conditions who had the third dose of an experimental medical procedure 4 days prior.  No cause of death is determined apart from a vague ‘likely underlying weakness in the coronary arteries’.

In normal times, or times gone by, when proper pharmacovigilance was operating, the death would be assumed to be due to the experimental medical procedure UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE.  Use of the medical procedure would have been halted while every stone was unturned to find out whether others might be at risk.  Not so in these strange times where usual, ethical medical practices have gone awry.

The Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring (CARM) also appear to have abdicated their duty in line with what has happened for other post-vaccine deaths and injuries in NZ and what is happening overseas as well.  Any possible cause of death except the obvious cause is latched onto, even if just a vague ‘likely underlying weakness’.

She died from a heart attack, end of story, no need to worry about the circumstances of being part of an experiment, being mandated to take a medical procedure, lack of informed consent or any consideration of WHY the ambulance service is so overwhelmed.

Next please.

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