Steve Kirsch – An open letter to the New Zealand Ministry of Health: an offer you can’t refuse

Steve Kirsch MOH Letter
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American entrepreneur, founder of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, and dissenting pandemic analyst, Steve Kirsch has an interest in New Zealand. He visited late last year, has spoken on both The Platform and Reality Check Radio, and often references our population level data in his team’s analyses.

In an exciting sequence of events, Kirsch has challenged the NZ MOH to release their hidden data to prove vaccine safety, as below. He is now promising a huge disclosure of secretive bombshell information, on 30th November, Pacific Standard Time (PST). 

NZDSOS does not know for sure but we suspect the horrified eyes of the world could be on our Ministry of Health over this coming weekend. We suspect one death per thousand or two thousand vaccinated people, or even worse. Something needs to stop the jabs and their trail of death, and we sincerely hope Kirsch’s release and the ensuing pressure on the government and regulatory authorities will do it.  How can anyone ignore such numbers?

If we are wrong about which country’s data Steve has obtained, perhaps the NZ MoH ought to release it’s own figures and meet his challenge.

The following was published on Steve Kirsch’s Substack on 17 November 2023.

An open letter to the New Zealand Ministry of Health: an offer you can’t refuse

I believe you have made a very serious mistake that is costing lives. Why not publish the anonymized record-level data just to be sure?

Steve Kirsch 17 November, 2023

To the New Zealand Ministry of Health:

I read with great interest this “AAP fact check” article which states “NZ health authorities say four deaths have been linked to the vaccines.”

I have record-level data from multiple countries and it’s clear the COVID vaccines are killing at least 1 person per 1,000 doses on average which means that around 12,000 New Zealanders were killed by the COVID vaccines.

So we have a difference of opinion.

I’d like to suggest a way for you to definitively win the argument and prove that you are right and I am wrong. This has the benefit of reducing vaccine hesitancy in New Zealand.

An offer you can’t refuse

Publish the record-level data. The data can be published in a simple format that preserves privacy. See this article for details.

Once the data is made publicly available, my team of statisticians and data scientists will analyze it for you at absolutely no charge. I will personally pay all the expenses. We’ll even have our analysis published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal and we’ll pay the page charges.

If you’re right and only 4 people have died as a result of the COVID vaccine, I will pay for all your expenses, cease all my “misinformation superspreader” activities, and urge my colleagues to do the same. This will help reduce the amount of “misinformation” and save lives.

But if I’m right and the data shows that you’ve killed thousands of New Zealanders, you will admit you made a mistake, apologize, revoke the vaccines, and compensate people for their loss and/or injuries.

You have nothing to lose if you are confident the vaccines are safe.

You will get a definitive answer to the safety question that nobody can argue with.

The debates will be over.

The life you save may be your own, or someone you care about.

For more information on the data quoted by Steve Kirsch, of 1 death per 1,000 doses of Covid-19 vaccine, see Rancourt et al: Covid-19 Vaccine-Associated Mortality in the Southern Hemisphere.

Watch: Steve Kirsch Testimony at National Citizens’ Inquiry, Canada

In April 2023 the National Citizens’ Inquiry of Canada heard testimony from Steve Kirsch on his frequent challenges to the various public institutions who remain inconsistent and non-transparent in their public health messaging related to Covid and in particular, the safety and efficacy of the Covid-19 ‘vaccines’.

We urge New Zealanders to be on the lookout for this release and to spread it far and wide.

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  1. We applaud the whistleblower who came forward with the data on excess deaths since the jab roll-out. We also demand that the government and whata ora cease and desist from intimidating, harassing and bullying those who are brave to share the truth of what these institutions are denying and covering up.
    We are serious when we say we will not tolerate this high-handedness and tyranny.
    Thank you to NZDSOS for all the work you do to protect the public from medical tyranny.
    We are going to win this fight if we don’t quit.

  2. Barry Young who is mischaracterized as a “whistleblower” is a cyber criminal. He was entrusted Kiwi’s private and personal data from the Ministry of Health. The level of this crime is huge and will not be dismissed. This would be no different had Mr. Young worked at a bank and “leaked” your private bank account information to Liz Gunn and Steve Kirsch. I’m sure NZDSOS would feel differently has it been their financial information that was stolen.

    This reckless action by Mr. Young cripples the incoming government initiatives to investigate Labour’s Covid policies. The fact that Liz Gunn failed to exercise tact and discretion show the sheer selfishness of her own agenda and those that support this criminal action. Cyber crime is NO JOKE and there are international ramification of this crime. In addition, assessments and analysis of this data is not conclusive that the jab is the cause of death. It is astounding and reprehensible the caviler attitude displayed by NZDSOS condoning a terrible cyber crime.

    1. hey deadbeat, go look at nzdsos posts over the past few years- they and many others have asked numerous times for the jab to be halted as it is not safe- the record speaks for itself. Nearly two years ago the evidence of contaminants in the vials was taken to parliament and the police- the gaslighting is astounding and reprehensible- have you read any of the posts in here? NZDSOS have covered the growing censorship in the cyberworld- it is NO JOKE! More than 4 people have maybe died from the clotshot is the govt response- the coverup is real. At least if you are going to come on here to suggest how NZDSOS should go about their business read their extensive posts and open letters they have put out over the past few years. As for the data Barry released I did not see any personal information or names- this is data that should be available to the public- again go and read it for yourself

    2. An idiotic comment by a troll. The ONLY important issue is proper analysis of the NZ data. Why is the dept of Health refusing to make it available ? They are very afraid.

  3. How can any agency claim “safe and effective” without ALL the unadulterated bona fide data to prove it?
    Without such verified, unadulterated data no claims whatsoever can be made.
    Surely this is legally enforceable.
    THE DATA IS THE KEY, not the propoganda.

  4. I wake up hearing ambulances , hear them all day, every day , go to bed hearing ambulances . Wow nice to see we have a troll [ ‘pfizz-er-in’ in conjunction with ‘Murderearner’ is working on a special vax for trolls ,called moneykeypoxvax, they guarante to safely and effectively cleanse the nett of all troll related activity ].
    I pray Young Barry’s awakened concscience is just the first of many , the lack of people that must know stuff ,standing up is a sad reflection of how far we have drifted [under constant deliberate neurolinguistic programming ,ie fake news and hollywierd ] from basic ‘Love God and Take care of your Neighbors’ foundations of a good and just society . Barry leaked zero private data , but a few people must now be aware they have killed several hundred fellow humans ,yikes .
    [and thankyou NZDRS SOS , for holding true to your oaths and consciences ].

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