Should We Trust the Ministry of Health on Post-Vaccination Deaths?

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With the whistleblower vaccination data leak reverberating around the world, the NZ Ministry of Health appears to be in damage control mode and trying to hide the data.

Dr Shane Reti, new Minister of Health has been quoted as saying:

“There are many conspiracy theorists out there who unfortunately disseminate harmful disinformation, however, as Minister and as a physician, the public can and should continue to have confidence in vaccines. I am reassured by experts confirming that there is no evidence supporting the allegations that have been made.

We are curious which unnamed ‘experts’ are reassuring him and what evidence they are using to provide that reassurance. After a career in general practice, where almost all are usually given, Reti should be already his own expert on vaccines, So why is he now ok jabbing pregnant women, and children for an infection that doesn’t harm them? 

Surely the best way to reassure all New Zealanders and people of the world is to release the data and let us all see just how many people who have been vaccinated in New Zealand are now dead nearly 3 years since the rollout began.  It would be easy enough to compare vaccinated with unvaccinated since every New Zealander and their vaccination status is on the Covid Immunisation Register (CIR).

[We note that the CIR and NIR (National Immunisation Register) were being merged over the weekend of 2-3 Dec to form the AIR (Aotearoa Immunisation Register).  Let’s hope there wasn’t a ‘convenient’ loss of data during that time.]

Mainstream media’s articles continue to repeat that ‘only’ four New Zealanders have died post-covid-vaccination.  Never mind that those four were young people who were not at significant risk from covid infection.  The death of one healthy not-at-risk person should have been sufficient to halt the rollout.

A curious fact is that all four official deaths have been from myocarditis which, along with anaphylaxis, are the only potentially fatal adverse effects from the vaccine that the MoH appears to recognise in NZ.

This is despite it being increasingly documented that there are many harmful mechanisms at play with this new gene technology/lipid nanoparticle/contamination cocktail.

Official Covid Vaccination Deaths:

The four official deaths are as follows:

The first was a 57 year old lady who died of  ‘fulminant necrotising eosinophilic myocarditis’.  Our understanding is that she had a medical relative which is perhaps why her case got investigated and counted.

The family even agreed to her history being written up because they wanted other people to be aware of the possibility of this serious event.  It was submitted to the NEJM in Aug 2021 but was eventually published in J Clinical Immunology in Apr 2022.

“The authors would like to thank the Coroner and family of the deceased in approving and consenting for this manuscript to be submitted. The family wish to increase awareness of fulminant necrotizing eosinophilic myocarditis as a very rare hypersensitivity disorder requiring urgent assessment and treatment.”

The second case was Rory Nairn, age 26, plumber from Dunedin.  His family and some health professionals had to push hard to get his death from myocarditis recognised and investigated. 

Following his death, health professionals were provided with extra advice and information about myocarditis and reminded to consider and report it.  The coroner, Sue Johnson, has still not released her findings about the circumstances of his death, though has confirmed the cause of death was vaccine-induced myocarditis (the risk of which he was not informed about).

The third official death was a teenager and few details are known.  This young person’s death was reported in April 2022.

The fourth official vaccine death in NZ was a person whose situation was discussed by the ISMB in Mar and April 2022 and it was decided it was not related to the covid vaccine. 

However, the case was discussed again in Nov 2022 after the board ‘received further information which revealed that the person had myocarditis at the time of their death’ which was probably due to the vaccine.  We understand that the family of this person had threatened to go public just before the ISMB reconvened.

Despite the minutes of most of the ISMB meetings being publicly available we note the minutes of the meetings of 2 Mar 2022 and 2 Nov 2022 are not, and are being actively kept out of the public domain.

“ In regards to your request for the meeting minutes for 2 March 2022 and 2 November 2022, your request is also refused under section 9(2)(a) of the Act, to protect the privacy of natural persons. 

The need to protect the privacy of these individuals is not outweighed by the public interest in the release of this information.”

What about the others?

We do not believe these are the only deaths attributable to covid vaccination in New Zealand.  We believe there are likely hundreds, if not thousands, of deaths in NZ that have been fully or partially caused by the Pfizer injection which have been fobbed off. We have provided evidence to government repeatedly.

We have written on several of hundreds of New Zealanders whose deaths have not been adequately investigated nor assessed according to long established principles of pharmacovigilance.  

Divya Simon, a healthcare worker age 31, died 5 days after her third covid vaccine in Jan 2022.  She died of a coronary artery dissection which is a rare condition, particularly in a young woman with no underlying conditions.  The vaccine has been shown to cause weakening of blood vessel walls and could easily lead to dissection (splitting) of an artery.  We wrote to coroner Louella Dunn about our concerns in May 2023 and have yet to receive a substantive reply.

Garrett Utting, age 30 died 3.5 weeks after his first injection in Dec 2021.  His stated cause of death was ‘unascertained’ or SUDY (Sudden Unexplained Death in the Young) and the coroner was satisfied that his death was due to ‘natural causes’ despite the postmortem not confirming a definitive cause of death.

Isabella Alexander and Georgia O’Neill both died of blood clots within two weeks of their first covid injections but cause of death was put down to a common genetic variation in combination with a contraceptive pill.

The mother of Louis Amos has described what happened to her son’s well-controlled epilepsy after his Pfizer vaccination: increasingly poor control of seizures leading to a fatal seizure.

In addition to the cases we have written about, we have been told numerous stories of, and been shown documents relating to, other people who have died suddenly and/or unexpectedly.  Many of these were people in the prime of their lives – previously fit, active, employed and healthy, then suddenly gone. 

Pathologists’ reports (if postmortems have even been done) have either not mentioned or discounted vaccination and now, as Coroner’s Reports are finally coming through 2+ years after the fact, it is obvious coroners are discounting the vaccine as well.  Apart from appearing to look for myocarditis, it is not clear that anything else has been done to consider the multitude of other harms covid vaccination can cause.


It is a question of trust.  Officials from the Ministry of Health are imploring us to trust their pronouncements and their experts.

We ask, WHY should we trust them when they have not shown themselves to be worthy of this.  They have cast aside medical ethics, gagged doctors, refused to engage in discussion, delayed and obfuscated OIA responses, not adequately investigated deaths and are now shooting the messenger.

Trust is earned and should no longer be taken for granted.  If this government and Ministry of Health want the trust of the people, then earn it!  Start with dropping charges against the messenger Barry Young (and all dissenting health workers), showing the full data he was concerned about, answering questions and fronting up for discussions.

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  1. Shane Reti is a politician first and foremost, honesty and integrity come a distant second to party politics.
    Kiwi’s in general don’t want to know they might have potentially damaged their health through a mis-guided trust in Government, and that Government knows it only needs to instil doubt to win the day.
    They’ve even given us a name – ‘Conspiracy Theorists’.
    Yesterday many of us were highly respected in our various ‘fields’, yet today we are labelled as ‘nutters’ because we dared to have a different viewpoint on something that was so inherently wrong.

    One day the truth will prevail and I wouldn’t be surprised to learn our National IQ had also plummeted significantly. There has only ever been the ‘official line’ supported by a host of competing government lackeys and there has been little interest in any real discussion other than from the aforementioned ‘Enemies of the State’ – Conspiracy Theorists.

    One hopes there is a Judgement Day.

    1. At least the UK is having a Covid 19 inquiry…IF anything will ever come out of it.. Ireland is ‘promising’ a similar inquiry, ‘once terms of reference are agreed’ (ie. NOBODY get the blame..’lessons learned’ (for the 100th time..), we wont do it again (until WHO orders them)… Plus ça change..

    2. Too true. Conspiracy theorists? We’ll, I’d rather wear a tinfoil hat than a blindfold.

    3. Judgment Day? When Moses recorded the dimensions of the tabernacle in detail, he encoded the year of Israel’s first ‘judgment day’ which culminated in Jerusalem’s destruction by the Romans in 70 A.D. or more correctly the year 4040 from Adam. The same bible that preserved that ‘minor’ judgment day prophecy, also predicts the ‘global’ judgment day, beginning less than six years from now. The first one came on schedule; so will the second. Best get on the right side of that now. Something to ponder: while the crimes committed by the vax pushers reach to the heavens, they are only killing the body. Far worse are those deceivers who keep people in ignorance regarding the state of their souls…a state people would consider much more carefully if they understood the inescapable nearness of the doom.

  2. MOH has a duty to this country to come fourth and tell the truth, unfortunately many took money to conceal these crimes, Reti should be stood down as with her colleagues who have participated in the coverup

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