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Complete disregard for Bill of Rights – Official Information Act response shows.

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A recent Official Information Act (OIA) Request from Lawyer and politician Sue Grey provides clear evidence of a complete disregard for science, justice and the Bill of Rights during the Covid pandemic and implementation of the Traffic Light System.

This follows hot on the heels of researcher Jodie Bruning’s work showing the government knew of major safety issues even as our rollout began in early 2021. Her article shows the ‘secret society’ nature of important and far-reaching decisions that were imposed on a captive and fearful population already suffering a kind of national Stockholm syndrome.

Sue Grey’s evidence adds to the picture of a government abusing power through faking justification, and cutting the anchor to precious checks and balances.

Documents obtained through OIA  from the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), primarily to the Office of the Prime Minister or the Minister of Covid Response, expressed significant concern about needing to provide clear and sufficient evidence that the vaccines were effective in preventing transmission, to justify the mandates. (But note that sadly there was no questioning of the severity of the illness itself by government lawyers. Presumably, they confined themselves to the ‘only source of truth’ on that one.)

In emails sent from the Ministry of Justice Advisors to the Prime Minister’s advisors at the time, the MoJ required rightly required further evidence the vaccine prevented transmission in order to proceed with the mandates legally.

A spokesperson for NZDSOS said, “It has become clear there were no investigations into alternatives that did not involve corporate profits. Did the government look into anything that was off-patent and shown to be effective and safe in other locations around the world? Utter Pradesh for example, created cheap packs of Vitamin D, Zinc, Ivermectin and Doxycycline (an antibiotic) for their province of 240 million people, and Covid was thereafter a non-event.” 

Sue Grey discusses these OIA findings in an interview with Paul Brennan on Reality Check Radio. In another conversation with NZDSOS, she commented, “Most of the Crown Bill of Rights advice was withheld or partially redacted until this OIA.

We now have enough to see very clearly that the Ministry of Justice was not happy with breaches of the Bill of Rights. Despite this Minister Hipkins proceeded anyway. We saw these concerns raised in various court cases. The crown glossed over these concerns. I don’t understand why they thought that was acceptable when the fundamental rights of New Zealanders were at risk.” 

“Despite the advice from the MoJ, Chris Hipkins just went ahead and did it anyway. [They] mandated people out of their jobs and out of their country, with no evidence”.

It has become apparent during the Covid pandemic that so-called disinformation is not coming from the scientists, doctors, or the people asking questions.  The lies are instead coming from the spin team within the government’s own communications departments, whose censorship is extending to its own regulators and, as we see here, even its lawyers.

“It really takes a long time to get your head around just how bad it is”, Sue remarked.

“What happened after this advice was sent through from the Ministry of Justice and Medsafe was that they weren’t giving the spin team in the Office of the Prime Minister the ‘spin’ they wanted, so they created a Minister of Covid Response who appeared not to care too much about the Bill of Rights”, said Sue.  That Minister of Covid Response is now our Prime Minister.

“They never had any information to prevent transmission. All they had was Ashley Bloomfield’s hope that it prevented transmission. On the basis of Ashley Bloomfield’s hope they went ahead anyway, disregarding the Ministry of Justice’s recommendations. There was no science to back this up and no studies on the prevention of transmission”, said Grey. 

Hipkins then made these orders, contrary to what the majority of New Zealand wanted and what the Ministry of Justice had advised. 

New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) has continuously questioned the mandates,  requesting the science that backed up these draconian measures and requesting information to justify the silencing and suspension of any medical professional who spoke out. Censoring regimes have never come out as the good guys under the subsequent lens of history.

As it states in the documents provided: “the opportunities for discrimination should have been discussed with the Minister for Covid Response”. Whether it was discussed or whether it was dismissed remains to be seen.

However, there was blatant discrimination when 15 November 2021 rolled around, seeing thousands of people losing livelihoods and careers.  Basic human freedoms were thrown to the curb in a tyrannical disregard for fundamental human rights that would have made some well-known 20th-century murderous despots crow with pleasure. 

“Our organisation was founded by those who dared to ask questions, demanding the science to back up the safe and effective narrative with the sole purpose of upholding the Hippocratic Oath, simply to protect their patients”, said the spokesperson for NZDSOS.

“These truthful medical professionals are still silenced, suspended and facing disciplinary tribunals and re-education programmes, while Bloomfield, who based the mandates on a hunch -against evidence – and harmed many thousands of New Zealanders, appears to face no consequences at all. The whole thing stinks”.

“This is not only a heinous crime, but it was also morally deplorable to persist with mandates when there were top-level government advisors seriously questioning the science, and now we find even the legality of it all along”, said the NZDSOS spokesperson. 

“This government and its former leader must be held to account. It must be exposed for its complete disregard for the health and freedom of New Zealanders and for those who have suffered and died due to the effects of this injection, as well as all the other Covid measures”.

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  1. I note that the first 2 comments are advertisements (Russian). Are there no basic security checks on this website?
    Great article by the way.

  2. great work exposing the complicit with external influences govt we have.
    I would say there was no intention to do the right thing or to be honest with the people of NZ that elected them in. This is actually treason and all 120 politicians are equally guilty of the same because they signed an NDA to remain silent in the face of glaring acts of stupidity and destruction of our nation.

  3. It’s very interesting to note that when they had the Nuremberg trials no one in authority was excused. Even the news media were highlighted and hanged. This will no doubt now include politicians.

  4. So do you think anyone will be called to account for this? NO! Labour will not take responsibility, instead they keep slapping themselves on the back for their ‘strong covid response’!

  5. Problem with going after the culprits will be difficult.
    First our belovered??? ex PM is in the US doing a stint of lying there.
    Mr Hipkiss?? should be locked up for the rest of his live together with Gloomfield and our ??? knowledgeable ??? professor in Dunedin.
    Just build a seperate jail for the lot, otherwise they might be killed by other inmates. And that is just what they NOT deserve.
    That would be a too easy way out.

  6. Who is a Kiwi in 21st Century

    I do not know!
    Who I Am!

    Transparency is just about taking responsibility from each NZer for knowing who we are..

    Our Government must be challenged. It will slow down a lot of progress if NZer stand united in majority against what is not understood clearly because the drawers and cupboards and doors are closed and locked.(from accountability and visibility)

  7. Merci Beaucoup beautiful doctors
    How about we the people block up Dr Verrall’s email and cc in all mp’s and msm say mid July?
    About BOR’s section 10 and 11 and the WHO treaty. Tell all alternative media, VFF, FreeNZ, Counterspin etc share widely
    Let’s bring back the energy of the convoy Wellington Yay,,,,,,
    BTW go to The daily blog
    Martin Bradbury is freaking out about the Ministry of Truth controls coming after him Lol
    The left better wake up
    Go woke go broke
    Love Carol

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