Unlocking the Mystery of the Covid Contracts

Unlocking Covid Contracts
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Governments across the globe signed covid contracts for ‘vaccine products’ with pharmaceutical giants which so far remain concealed from public knowledge. Media releases informing citizens that their public money has been spent omit details of how their money is actually spent, including important details such as amounts and contractual conditions.

Was mandating the product to the entire population a condition of the contract? Multiple attempts to obtain a copy of the New Zealand government’s covid contract with Pfizer via Official Information Act requests have persistently been declined under the pretext of ‘sensitive commercial information’ which cannot be released.

Under totalitarian systems, the public become a commodity ruled by a centralised authority partnered with private interests. Public need is second to their rulers’ whims and wishes and cruelty becomes entrenched. New Zealanders are experiencing this today as our vaccine injured and dead are abandoned by a system which, whether intentional or otherwise, denies and obscures their experience. Those who lost their livelihoods via nonsensical mandates were similarly discarded, entirely contradicting the purpose of public health.

Hints are emerging more overtly over time, of a supranational, centralised agenda playing out. Our own PM Chris Hipkins had a front row seat at the opening session of the World Economic Forum Meeting of the New Champions in June 2023. Will there be any ‘conspiracy theory’ that doesn’t ultimately reveal itself to have been a fact? Read more about this at FreeNZ’s What Constitutes a WEF Champion?

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Nevertheless we are not without hope as we observe events in other nations which will surely have a domino effect across the globe. Emulating governments everywhere, South African authorities also cited breach of confidentiality as the reason they could not disclose the contents of the covid contracts they had signed.

Recently the South African High Court ordered Health Department authorities to release the covid contracts.

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