Long Covid – Don’t Let Them Scare You – It is 2024 and There is Recovery

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It seems that the only thing left in the attempt to scare us yet again, using covid, is so-called long covid, particularly if an individual contracts the new “scary” JN.1 variant. We have written multiple posts on the topic, the most recent one is here. Fewer people are taking boosters, wearing masks or remaining afraid of a disease that is by its nature mostly mild. It seems this does not suit the authorities and the pharmaceutical industrialists that we are increasingly convinced are calling the shots. 

Perhaps it is a more nefarious attempt to get us back to being masked, jabbed, distanced and obedient. Long covid,  is complex, poorly defined and hard to treat with pharmaceutical medicine. It is thus easy to use as a way of scaring us into compliance. And for those who don’t comply, Disease X is waiting in the wings.

Dr William Makis dissects recent propaganda around long covid here. Notably, it has been suggested that the result of long covid due to the covid JN.1 variant is all but the same as human immuno-deficiency virus (HIV) due to its immune-suppressing effects. 

Furthermore, perhaps given that individuals are not being hospitalised or dying from (with) JN.1 in sufficient numbers to coerce populations into taking boosters, maybe long covid (read HIV) will?

Dr Eric Topol has gone on record stating that vaccinations reduce the risk, citing a recent publication in the Lancet Respiratory Medicine as evidence. This study looked at populations who received the original injections, not the boosters. As we note below, the greater the exposure to spike protein (which would be generated in far greater amounts by the injections), the more likely symptoms of long covid may be present, so we are sceptical about the study cited by Dr Topol, particularly as he has strong ties to pharma, and we look forward to further analysis.

What is Long Covid?

Well, that is of course a very good question.

Memories of Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome

Long covid is not a new concept and we have been written about this before, as stated. It is interesting to watch the sudden acceptance of a chronic post-viral illness by the mainstream, now that it is convenient to acknowledge the existence of many newly chronically ill people and give them a deceptive label. 

Post viral fatigue syndrome has long afflicted multitudes of individuals. Difficult to diagnose and treat, integrative practitioners have been assisting with it for decades while their mainstream counterparts have often dismissed the symptom complex as non-existent or – worse – due to mental health problems. 

All of a sudden a post-viral illness is now acceptable.

Dr Vinay Prasad, long an evidence-based medicine advocate, and one of the authors in this BMJ paper, argues that, besides a loss of smell, “there is no evidence covid has any more long symptoms than being equally ill with any other respiratory virus” and states that there is no precise definition of this condition.

The World Health Organisation has made an attempt at a clinical definition, largely defined as symptoms that have “an impact on everyday functioning” that cannot be explained by anything else.  It is a sad reality that a large proportion of patients visiting their GPs will present with symptoms that impact daily living and can’t be explained by an accepted diagnosis – except perhaps for depression.  Well, now GPs at least have something they can pull out – long covid. 

Of course, integrative medicine practitioners would look at all possibilities including post-viral conditions, chronic infections, toxins, emotional and psychological health and nutrition, as well as environmental conditions.  So how is one to exclude everything else? It is likely that other conditions are not excluded and all similar presentations are lumped into long covid. 

This of course leads to the situation where almost any vague or severe symptom can be put down to long covid, as long as it occurred after a positive covid test or suspected covid infection, leaving the door wide open to biased research. Convenient? And somewhatof a slap in the face to those who have suffered with post-viral fatigue syndrome and been ignored or vilified.


NZDSOS, along with many other voices have long raised concern about the immune suppressant effects of the covid injections, via multiple mechanisms including the activation of IgG4, which decreases the immune response to pathogens. The situation that many are starting to face can be thought of as similar to Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), the condition said to be caused by HIV.

There is of course considerable controversy as to how much HIV and how much the use of toxicants and other factors, contribute to AIDS. This is something the pharmaceutical industry, which now has likely millions of people dependent on its AIDS treatments, does not want you to know.

It is also interesting to note that in a covid vaccine trial in Australia, many participants tested falsely positive to HIV, leading one person to almost take his own life. Those who have previously exhibited a positive covid PCR test were also more likely to test positive to HIV.

Before we succumb to more fear, we need to be asking questions around the testing for HIV too. That is for another day, but for those who want to know more, we recommend the chapter on HIV in Robert Kennedy’s eye-opening book, The Real Anthony Fauci.

Long Covid Does Exist

We do not want to minimise the debilitating symptoms so many are experiencing. We do want to stress that it appears that the spike protein present on the covid virus, especially when it by-passes the respiratory immune defense as a result of immunisation, is the main driver for a body’s prolonged struggle against a large spike protein burden, as outlined by Walter M Chestnut in this article.

A recent peer-reviewed Australian paper describes very well the mechanisms and many faces of ‘spikeopathy’, and lays the blame firmly on the injected code that turns billions of into spike factories. 

NZDSOS posits that both covid infection and covid injection may result in long covid or long spike. However, logic would state that as the covid injection bypasses the barriers of the respiratory tract and results in a far greater load of spike delivery to the immune system than the virus, a large majority of long covid cases, and the severest cases, are due to the injection.
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Does Masking or Treatment with Paxlovid Help?

Despite recent evidence apparently indicating that masking reduced the spread, the study by the CDC has been analysed as having fatal flaws. Given that the use of masking in the community and in health care situations did not decrease the risk of covid, how would it decrease the risk of long covid? Rebreathing ejected virus particles might even increase the risk, maybe?

Furthermore, another of pharma’s offerings de jour, Paxlovid (the anti-viral drug which the population is urged to take should they test positive to covid) has recently been shown not to reduce the risk of long covid, nor severe symptoms.  In addition, it has a complicated dosing regime and comes with a multitude of contraindications and potential adverse effects.

What to do?

So what should individuals do? As we have previously stated, be human and do what humans do, and have done over millenia. Do not give up your face, do not give up hugging your loved ones, do not give up sun, nature and laughter; see a practitioner who is willing to treat covid in an evidence-based manner that does not benefit big pharma.

Recovery is Possible – Do Not Comply

More and more individuals are becoming painfully aware of the serious adverse effects of the injections, as well as the negative effects of masking and social distancing. This is not a time for despair but for hope and action. As a famous ultra-marathoner has borne witness to, recovery after covid injection is possible. The same can be said for long covid – if they are indeed different syndromes. We suspect not.

Integrative doctors have long treated post viral fatigue syndrome and are now applying their experience of treating that syndrome and of treating covid to treating long covid and injection injuries. Who do you trust: the pharmaceutical industry and their influenced experts, or those doctors who are actually trying to help, risking their careers and reputations to do so? FLCCC and the World Council for Health have resources that can be accessed by anyone. For more personalised help, contact the NZD Holistic Health Collective.

While the prospect of long covid may be concerning, the solutions offered by the pharma-backed narrative, will leave us worse off in all spheres including health, economics and freedom. Long spike, a better description then, is treatable. Do not let untruthful fear-mongering scare you into complying – with jabs, masking or any other anti-human action.  Let’s stand in courage as have those who have gone before.

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  1. You would be better off volunteering time in the COVID ward helping our overworked doctors.
    Your scaremongering does nothing to help.
    Stop wasting time and go help.

    1. Your post is just another nail in the coffin for those who are experiencing such devastating effects from trusting our medical authorities here. Very upsetting as doctors completely ignore our symptoms and brush us off without really listening and believing what our symptoms are saying. It is emotional blackmail.

  2. It’s the media rhetoric propaganda that is doing the scaremongering. How many time were we told, ‘get the jab, it stops you catching and spreading it.’ Nothing but lies. My husband was so ill after his 2nd jab. We both had covid in the first wave, March 2020, mild virus, before the vaccines came in. that’s why we have an immune system. Wake up and smell the coffee

  3. “New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) believe in open, frank and honest conversations, conducted with respect. If there are opposing views, we welcome discussing them.”

    A Farewell to Virology. Dr Mark Bailey. A challenge to virus existence.
    If there is no such thing as COVID, there’s no such thing as long COVID.

    I would very much like to see NZDSOS conduct an open and frank dissemination of an actual virology paper addressing all the criticisms raised in A Farewell to Virology.

    I am of the opinion that there is no such thing as a virus based upon my understanding of Dr. Mark Bailey’s, and others, dissemination of virology.
    Can you point out where they are wrong please? Take us through an actual virology paper, Step by step, procedure by procedure, method by method, assumption by assumption.
    Thank you.

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